Lucky_n00b Wins HWBOT World Championship Wild Card Contest

Just under 24 hours ago we witnessed the conclusion of the HWBOT World Championship Wild Card Contest on OC-ESPORTS. The contest offered a chance for overclockers to compete for a spot in the HWBOT World Championship 2016 Final in Berlin later this year. Open from September 15th to October 17th the contest was eventually won by legendary Indonesian overclocker Lucky_n00b, who won the contest with a score of 297.3 points, taking the win in two of three stages. Let’s have a look at the scores and submissions that counted.

The HWBOT World Championship Wild Card Contest is one of the first contest on OC-ESPORTS were contestants were asked to purchase a ticket to take part. This is to offset the cost of flying an overclocker to the final in Berlin. The contest kicked off on September 15th but interestingly, the scoreboard remained hidden until October 10th, one week before its conclusion.

In terms of hardware restrictions the contest veered away from high-end hardware. Only Intel Core i3 and Pentium processors from the Skylake architecture family were allowed. In terms of VGA cards overclockers were restricted to using an affordable AMD Radeon RX 460 card.

Since the curtains were raised on the October 10th, it looked quite likely that HWBOT’s No.1 ranked overclocker Dancop would be the man joining up in Berlin, however with just hours to go we saw a flurry of activity on the leaderboard with several scores suddenly appearing from nowhere helping to make it a fascinating finale. The scores that counted in the end however, came from Alva “Lucky_n00b” Jonathan.

The contest revolved around three stages; 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme, GPUPI 1B for GPU and 3DMark11 Physics (note: the benchmarks and contest structure were devised by the Community Contest Task Force). Stage 1 was dominated by Indonesian talent with Lucky_n00b taking the win with a Fire Strike Extreme score of 3,523 marks. This was made using a Core i3 6320 pushed to 56,52MHz (+44.92%), plus an RX 460 card at 1,650MHz (+17.86%) / 2100MHz (+40.00%). Second place went to bboyjezz with 3,443 marks while Dancop came in third place with 3,434 marks.

Stage 2 again saw Lucky_n00b at the top of the table with a GPUPI for CPU 1B run of 1min 3sec 685ms. This time Alva opted for a Core i3 6100 which he pushed to 4,441MHz (+20.03%), plus an RX 460 card, this time clocked at 1,800MHz (+28.57%) / 2,000MHz (+33.33%). Dancop came second with a run in 1min 3sec 882ms while American Splave made third place with a run of 1min 3sec 950ms.

Stage 3 sees oour eventual Champion arrive in sixth place, with Dancop taking the win with a 3DMark11 Physics score of 10,860 points – a dual-core Global 1st Place no less. Daniel achieved that score with an i3 6320 clocked at 6,161MHz (+57.98%) and a RX 460 clocked at 1,256MHz (-10.29%) / 1750MHz (+16.67%). Swedish overclocker Rauf hit second place with a score of 10,854 while Xtreme Addict (the Polish OC giant who already has a ticket to the finals) arrived in third place with 10,826 points.

Congrats to Lucky_n00b who has truly shown us his class when overclocking dual-core Skylake chips and RX 460 GPUs. Alva now joins an illustrious list of competitors that will compete for the title of HWBOT World Champion 2016. The list includes marc_0053 (N.America), PXHX(Latin America), DrWeez (S.Africa), Bullshooter (Europe), Xtreme Addict (Asia) and of course Alva's his fellow countryman Hazzan (Asia Pacific). In terms of other prizes, contest runner up Dancop will receive an Intel Core i7 6950X processor, while third place finisher Splave will get a G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 kit (F4-4133C19D-16GTZA).

You can find all the scores and submissions from the Wild Card contest here on OC-ESPORTS. See you all in Berlin for the final.

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