Christian Ney says:


GreeceTASOS says:

Free bump , to avoid reports and extra moderating workload



Old and new members , looks like they dont follow the new rule regarding the screenshot.

websmile says:

Now that we have a new flood of results with a highly unlikely efficiency and still no explanation for this, I would opt for disabling cinebench points for all versions - tired of this vulnerable cr.. :)

United StatesSplave says:

The tweaks are not vile in any form. No files are changed nothing strange going on.


Unfortunate if required to tell people how its done after working very hard on finding it :/ this is the community now? Must tell others with better hw how to beat me or its not fair.

websmile says:

This is bs, you tell it to Ney or to Massman or even me to check it and no one will get any info - we had this before on Hwbotprime where dancop found new java, and no one except himself shared this. We cannot work with vulnerable benchmark like cinebench which should have dumped months ago when we have no proof that boosts we see are legit, especially when all we have for this is plausibility check.

RomaniaAlex@ro says:

If you tell to CN or websmile i think you are safe,if any of them guarantees your work is legit then it's all fine in my book. You can agree everyone is tired of magic, and the previous trick some of guys used was such a shame that's why everyone is sceptical now.

FranceCOMIAS says:

By cons with the new obligations about the screen, how to do when bench on a laptop with a rotten resolution?

Having on the same scrennshot CB15 + the CPu-Z tabs is impossible.

Is this problematic taken into account or not?


websmile says:

If you cannot get the mandatory tabs and information on the screenshot, use external monitor. As far as I see there are no exceptions

Belgiumleeghoofd says:

New 2020 scores: Require CPU-Z 1.91 or newer version

New 2020 scores: Full desktop screenshot required ( no clipping)

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