2012 HWBOT Round-up: Most Viewed Results, Users, Competitions and more!

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2012 HWBOT Round-up: Most Viewed Results, Users, Competitions and more!

Author: Pieter-Jan Plaisier

Just like every website is doing their “best of 2012” round-up this week, we had a look what the HWBOT crowd has been following in the past 366 days. We had a peek at the, according to us, most interesting categories: benchmark result, overclocker, team, competition, competition stage, hardware item and benchmark ranking. Enjoy!

Most viewed benchmark result

Rather unsurprisingly, pretty much all of the most viewed benchmark results were World Records: either 3DMark11 (single or overall) or the inevitable frequency records. Essentially, we have Evga’s wonder boy K|ngp|n taking the most traffic with both of his Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 single GPU records – #1 being his old record, at rank #7 his later updated score. His current GTX 680 record of 17k did not make it into the top-10, most likely because T0lsty managed to outscore all the Nvidia-based graphics cards with the new AMD drivers. His 18k landmark made it into the top-10 as well.

Frequency-wise, we see AndreYang and Christian Ney sharing the top spots. Andre’s old record of 8585MHz with the FX-8150, set in November 2011(!), was still one of the most viewed submissions. Christian Ney’s memory frequency record is doing pretty good as well! At rank #8 we find Ksin’s invalid 8.8GHz frequency submission, most likely because only a couple of days after the news got out CPU-Z developers updated the software’s policy for validations.

Most viewed Overclocker

As expected, the most viewed profiles are the ones of the current generation of overclocking legends: AndreYang, NickShih, Hicookie, K|ngp|n and Rbuass – all of them have reached the top of the Pro OC League this year and it didn’t go unnoticed. Aristidis, months on top of the Xtreme OC League, and Turrican, until just a couple of weeks ago king of the hill in the Hardware Masters, cannot be called surprises in the list. Both have been leading in their class throughout 2012. Odd ones out would be Blackbolt and I.M.O.G. Not that they are unknown to those who follow the overclocking action here at HWBOT, but they are relatively lower ranked than the others in the list.

Most viewed Team

Overclock.net is fairly new to HWBOT, but with the help of a massive support base and quite a range of talented overclockers they are ‘clocking quite steadily in the top-10 of the Teams League. In contrary to the previous section (most viewed overclockers), there are quite a lot of teams from outside the top-20 being viewed quite a lot. The most surprising would be the Brazilian Criminal Cafe overclocking team, which is ranked on #71 in the world (#3 in Brazil) but still quite high up in the list. Interesting!

Most watched Competition

Bragging about your own work is not something that is appreciated in many cultures, but once in a while it should be accepted. Like in this case: the most popular competition at HWBOT are those organized by … HWBOT! The Country Cup 2012 ran all the way through December -the last month of the year- but still was the most watched and followed online competition of the year at HWBOT. Even though we’d like to say it’s all thanks to a great organization, it’s actually the overclockers and their enthusiasm that make the Country Cup (as well as the Team Cup and OC Challenges) so fantastic!

Also noteworthy is the excellent performance of the MSI MOA competition qualifiers this year. It’s no wonder that they are so popular: the prize, a ticket to Taiwan, is just great!

Most watched Competition Stage

Considering how popular the Country Cup and Team Cup competitions turned out to be, it may come to no surprise that the most watched competition stages are the ones from those competitions. It seems that people still enjoy overclocking low-cost hardware the most as two of the three non-HWBOT organized competition stages – the GIGABYTE competitions – did not require a lot of $$ to play: AMD and low-clock. Hopefully we’ll see more of that type of competition in 2013!

Most Viewed Hardware Item

Without any doubt, combining a Core i7 3770K and Radeon HD 7970 was a must for HWBOT top contenders this year. All around, that setup has the highest potential for generating global points as well as the biggest exposure to the HWBOT audience. It’s quite clear from the list that the crowd here at the bot still loves the high-end, high-performance hardware. By the way, it could very well be that the FX-8150 has the highest viewers per submission ratio: few play, many watch!

Most Viewed Benchmark Ranking

Traditionally, the SuperPI benchmarks are very popular amongst the die-hard overclocking community, but it seems that given its loss in relevance is costing the benchmarks to not be watched that much anymore. People are mainly focused on everything that is 3D – not just single GPU, but also multi-GPU.

Most Viewed Hardware Ranking

In line with the most viewed benchmark rankings, people seem to mainly follow the “big” hardware rankings. By big, we mean the hardware rankings of the newest benchmarks and latest hardware. It cannot be called a surprise that 3DMark11 1x Radeon HD 7970 is the most followed hardware ranking as throughout 2012 this is where you could find the highest single gpu 3DMark11 performance results. Next to the 3DMark11 Performance ranking, Heaven DX11, 3DMark05 and 3DMark06 are being watched as well. The only GTX 680 category that makes it into the top-10 is the 3DMark11 Performance, where K|ngp|n is pretty much dominating.

With the Core i7 3770K pretty much destroying every single record out there, a lot of the traffic goes to the SuperPI 1M and CPU-Z frequency rankings. Probably partially because that’s what the industry is focusing on quite a lot in the press releases.

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