HWBOT World Tour Continues! Second Stop: Europe, Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, France (April 4-6)

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HWBOT World Tour Continues! Second Stop: Europe, Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, France (April 4-6)

Earlier this month, we announced the first stop of the 2015 HWBOT World Tour in North America. Today, we proudly announce the second stop of the HWBOT World Tour, this time in Europe! From April 4 to 6 you can join us for three days of non-stop overclocking at the largest LAN Party event in France: the Gamers Assembly in Poitiers.

Just like on the other World Tour stops, the European stop features three events:

  • An Extreme OC gathering (BYOC Bench Party)
  • A World Series competition (exclusive to those attending the above)
  • A World Series for Amateurs event with OC initiation workshop (open to all visitors & GA gamers)

The event is open to everyone: to all European overclockers, from Rookie to Elite, and even those who have yet to set their first steps in the world of overclocking.

For the amateurs, which includes Rookies, Novices and Enthusiasts we host an exclusive workshop at the venue, combined with an exciting double elimination overclocking tournament (World Series for Amateurs). And of course we have a bunch of cool prizes for the winners. (Note that the World Series for Amateurs is not eligible for overclockers who already have extreme cooling experience, or already participated in a live, open overclocking competition before.)

Reserve Your Spot & Join Us

For the 2015 HWBOT World Tour – Europe Gamers Assembly there are 40 seats available for extreme overclockers and 10 seats for air/water overclockers. An Extreme ticket costs EUR €70 and comes with a dedicated bench place (table + seat), unlimited access to LN2, access the World Series competition and access to the LAN in you want to play a game in between bench sessions! The air/water ticket costs EUR €50 and comes with everything like the extreme ticket, except for the LN2 access.

In short, two ticket options: (ticket sales starts on Wednesday February 4th – 8pm GMT+1)

  • BenchSpot – Individual LN2 Overclocking Pass: suitable for any extreme overclockers.
  • BenchSpot – Individual Air/Water Overclocking Pass: suitable for any non-extreme overclockers.

For the people who wish to swing by and check out the event as visitor, this is possible by purchasing the EUR €10 visitor entry ticket. The ticket is sold at the door. Due to the popularity of this event, the first arrived first served rule applies. Buy your ticket early to not miss out. Visit the Gamers Assembly ticketing system to purchase your BenchSpot.

For more information, contact info@hwbot.org. For press / media, please contact us at press@hwbot.org.

We look forward to seeing you in Poitiers!

The Ultimate Q&A

To help you prepare for the 2015 HWBOT World Tour – Europe Gamer’s Assembly event, we prepare a Q&A. Feel free to read through the questions and answers below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any more information.

Who can attend this event?

Everyone! From Rookie to Elite, to new overclockers!

What is planned?

A full 3-days weekend (Easter) of overclocking of benching, HWBOT World Series for Amateurs, a workshop leading up to the World Series for Amateurs tournament and access to the HWBOT World Series 2015 competition.

Where is it exactly?

Parc des Expositions. City of Poitiers, France.

When is it exactly?

You can start setting up on Friday (April 3rd) from 6pm. Packing / Departure on Monday (March 6th) from 4pm.

Is there any limitations for extreme overclockers attending?

No limitations on hardware. This is a BYOC event, so please come with all the necessary gear. We provide LN2 for all “BenchSpot – Individual LN2 Overclocking Pass” ticket holders. We provide seating, power and LAN. We don’t provide hardware for extreme overclockers participating in the World Series competition. Amateurs competing in the World Series for Amateurs will be provided with competition systems.

BYOH (Bring Your Own Hardware), what should I bring?

  • All the hardware you plan to bench (please label your gear!)
  • Power bar to accommodate all your power needs
  • Complete OC equipment (pots, insulation, thermal flasks, etc.)
  • Display (we cannot guarantee the rental of display, please plan for taking your own)

What about food / drinks?

The LAN Party provides all the logistics for the food and drinks. Please use their facilities. Alcohol is not permitted.

Can I play on the LAN too?

Yes, but you can’t compete in tournaments. Check out the GA ticketing for tournament access.

I want to assist an LN2 overclocker there and/or bench together, do I also need a ticket?

Yes. Due to space limitations, 1 ticket = 1 person. For assists, please get a “BenchSpot – Individual Air/Water Overclocking Pass”.

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