HWBOT Q3’14 Report Summary

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HWBOT Q3’14 Report Summary

Each quarter we prepare a report for the premium partners to help them understand trends and evolutions in our overclocking community. The Q3’14 report contains 115 pages of information on overclocking, hardware and competition trends. In this article we give you a brief overview of the most interesting trends.

General HWBOT Summary

September 2014 we see a new top in active members with Q3 averaging at 2,425 active overclockers. On average the overclockers submit 10 results during the quarter. In October 2014 we achieved the highest submission rate ever. The registration rate is fairly stable with August peaking for 2014 at about 1,400 new members.

The typical overclocking setup in Q3’14 for mainstream is priced EUR €940 (up from EUR €875 in Q2) and for high-end EUR €2,270 (up from EUR €2032 in Q2). The mainstream system consists of the Intel Core i7 4790K, the MSI Z87-G45 Gaming, the MSI GTX 770 Gaming, the G.SKILL TridentX 8GB DDR3-2400 and a Corsair 850W PSU. The high-end system consists of the Intel Core i7 5960X, the ASUS Rampage V Extreme, the ASUS GTX 780 Ti Matrix Platinum, the G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 16GB DDR3-2400 and a Corsair 1200W PSU.

Q3’14 marked a new record high for competitive overclocking with 1,282 overclockers joining 35 competitions and submitting 5,700 results. The Team Cup 2014 was the best of the series with 1700 submissions by 209 overclockers representing 59 teams from 23 countries.

The most view benchmark submission in Q3’14 was The Stilt’s CPU Frequency of 8722 MHz with the FX-8370 CPU, followed by 8 Pack’s 40052 3DMark Fire Strike and Elmor’s 9568 1xGPU Fire Strike Extreme. Interestingly, AndreYang’s CPU Frequency record from 2012 is still in the top-10 most viewed benchmark results.

In terms of World Records (“WR”) and Global First Places (“GFP”), as of November 26, 2014 Intel processors is involved with 19x WR and 137x GFP. For graphics cards, the leader is ASUS with 8xWR and 24xGFP. For motherboards, ASRock is involved with 5xWR and 10xGFP. For memory, G.SKILL is involved with 11xWR and 43xGFP. For PSU, Corsair is involved with 7xWR and 29xGFP. For SSD, Corsair is involved with 4xWR and 6xGFP. More information on World Records and Global First Place can be found here: http://hwbot.org/benchmarks/world_records.

General XTU Project Summary

The XTU project was launched in cooperation with Intel in June 2013. To date, XTU engaged over 20,000 overclockers submitting over 116,000 XTU profiles. The number of XTU users continues to grow, with a record high in week 35 of 2014. Since the launch of the XTU project, the active users and submissions per week grew by over 500%.

General Hardware Summary

Intel (86%, +6%) is used for the majority of the benchmark submissions followed by AMD (5%, -2%) and Qualcomm. For graphics Nvidia (56%, +3%) is used most, followed by AMD/ATi (37%, -6%) and Intel (6%, +3%). ASUS (42%, -1%) remains the most used motherboard brand, followed by MSI (20%, +6%) and GIGABYTE (17%, +1%). MSI has been particularly well-used by XTU users, which explains the rise in the usage charts. G.SKILL (36%, +5%) remains the most popular memory brand, followed by Corsair (18%, -8%) and Kingston/HyperX (15%, +5%). Corsair (30%, -4%) remains the most popular PSU brand, followed by Cooler Master (13%,+3%) and Antec (7%, -5%). 45% of the HWBOT overclockers use a PSU rated between 500W and 850W, 35% use a PSU rated between 850W and 1200W.

For CPU cooling, nearly 50% of the submissions are done with water cooling. There is a clear trend in cooling usage. Comparing January 2011 to October 2014, we see that Air Cooling drops from 40% to 20% usage and Water Cooling rises from 30% to 50%.

General Intel Summary

In Q3’14 70% of the Intel K/X SKU overclockers use a Haswell CPU. The Haswell-E is used by 12% of the overclockers. Haswell is the most popular CPU architecture at HWBOT. Excluding XTU, the most popular architecture is Sandy Bridge. Haswell-E is following an adoption rate like Gulftown, doing better than Ivy Bridge-E or Sandy Bridge-E.

General Haswell Summary

In Q3’14 25% of the Haswell results are done with the Core i7 4790K. Overall, 45% of the Haswell overclockers owns either a Core i7 4770K or a Core i7 4790K. 20% owns a Core i5 4670K. The majority of the overclocking results are multi-threaded CPU applications.

Across the Haswell lifetime, the MSI Z87-G45 Gaming motherboard is used by most overclockers but the GIGABYTE Z87X-OC is used for the most submissions. In Q3’14 the GIGABYE Z97X-SOC Force is used for most Z97 submissions.

The preferred graphics card of Haswell users is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 770. The top-3 graphics card brands are MSI, ASUS and Evga.

General Haswell-E Summary

In contrary to its predecessor Ivy Bridge-E, the most popular SKU of the Haswell-E line-up is the most expensive Core i7 5960X. It is used by 58% of the Haswell-E overclockers. The Core i7 5820K is used by 35% of the Haswell-E overclockers.

With 50% of the Haswell-E results, 40% of the users and 70% of the extreme cooling results, ASUS is the most popular motherboard brand. Their most popular motherboard is the Rampage V Extreme.

General AMD Summary

Since 2010 the AMD enthusiast user base shrunk by 50%. In Q3’14 ASUS was the preferred brand of Socket AMx motherboards, followed by ASRock and GIGABYTE. The Crosshair IV/V Formula-(Z) are the most used SKUs.

ASUS, GIGABYTE and MSI have a similar market share for Socket FMx motherboards. The GIGABYTE F2A85X-UP4 is the most used Socket FMx motherboard.

General DDR3/DDR4 Summary

G.SKILL remains the number one choice for overclockers being used for 42% of the benchmark results. Corsair follows at 20%, Kingston/HyperX at 16%. In terms of product, TridentX is the top choice both in terms of submission count and active user base.

The G.SKILL TridentX product range is used for 41% of the results with memory frequency at DDR3-4000 or higher. The ASUS Maximus VI Impact is the most used for DDR3-4000+ overclocking with 51% of the overclockers using the motherboard. Kingston/HyperX in combination with the GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC Force LN2 motherboard hold the top-5 highest memory frequency validations at HWBOT.

Three months after the launch of the DDR4 platform G.SKILL is the most used memory brand overall, followed by Corsair and Crucial.

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