V-COLOR Information.

The server memory leading brand 

V-Color Technology Inc. was established in 2006 by a team of experts with over ten years of experience in DRAM module testing. It is the headquarters and R&D centre; Located at Taipei, has the specialty, and the advanced memory ball placement technology and module factory instrumentation.

Devotes for a long time to the best global memory solution weeding through the old to bring forth the new, and marketing to the world by own brand "V-Color".

Viewing the Private Brands is the great advantage to the Enterprises' Long-term competition, we formally set up our Brand - V-color Memory, to provide the most efficient and Top quality Memory products.

Nowadays, V-Color has earned a reputation in manufacturing quality memory products with excellent pre-sales and post-sale services.

V-Color Promise

"Professionalism", "Service", "Quality" forms the principal of V-Color Technology Inc. Our goal is to always explore new technologies and discover profitable products, then share in the fruits of success with our customers in this challenging new era.

Vision Statement

V-Color will continue to enhance competitiveness in the global market, providing customers with high quality and advanced technology and products. Today V-Color obtain high reputation in the market, providing the perfect comprehensive services. Brand products has been extended to dozens of countries worldwide, V-Color brand seems to have become committed to high-quality technology products and lifetime warranty services.