Albatron Information.

It would be the beginning of 2002 before the name Albatron would first be heard along corporate corridors, but one must go back to 1984 to trace the true birth of the company. Starting out as Chun Yun Electronics, the company was primarily a display manufacturer, producing wide-screen multimedia monitors, rear projection systems, TVs, and plasma displays. The change in name to Albatron signaled the dawning of a new product line and a new direction. From our initiation, it was clear to us that to succeed we would need to be strong. This strength comes to us through our personnel. In screening applicants, we look for people who show creativity, passion and the entrepreneurial spirit. We expect and ask a lot from our personnel but then we give a lot in return. Albatron operates on a platform of mutual respect and understanding that flows from upper management to project leaders, from engineers to sales and marketing specialists, from production personnel to all the support people, and back around. Our greatest focus and driving force is you our customer. We consider it our duty to deliver the products you want at the right time and provide support when you need it. But above all, we're here to ensure that your evolving needs--no matter how small--are taken care of.