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Please select a processor family or socket on the left to browse the processor library. The most popular processors of recent time are:

Manufacturer Socket Model Architecture MHz Watt Core Hardware Index Popularity
Intel LGA1200 Core i9 11900K x86-64 (64bit CISC) 3500 125 8x Rocket Lake-S
4104 submissions Review
Intel BGA1744 Core i5 12500H x86-64 (64bit CISC) 2500 45 12x Alder Lake-H
239 submissions Review
AMD FS1 A10-5750M x86-64 (64bit CISC) 2500 35 4x Richland
136 submissions Review
Intel LGA775 Pentium E2180 x86-64 (64bit CISC) 2000 65 2x Allendale-1M 2116 submissions Review
Intel BGA1964 Core i7 13700HX x86-64 (64bit CISC) 2100 55 16x Raptor Lake-HX
134 submissions Review