ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming
ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming

MBMODEL overclocking records

Benchmark Worldrecord Links
Reference Frequency Ukraine 395.63 MHz (2.5pts) Rankings

ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming used in other benchmarks

Benchmark Worldrecord Links
3DMark - Fire Strike France 31574 marks (0.5pts) Rankings
3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme 19060 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark - Fire Strike Ultra France 10198 marks (7.9pts) Rankings
PYPrime - 2b with BenchMate France 12sec 447ms (0pts) Rankings
3DMark - Time Spy France 16972 marks (0.5pts) Rankings
3DMark - Time Spy Extreme France 7855 marks (0.5pts) Rankings
3DMark Vantage - Performance France 95335 marks (0.5pts) Rankings
3DMark06 France 48795 marks (0.5pts) Rankings
3DMark11 - Entry France 46982 marks (1.8pts) Rankings
3DMark11 - Extreme France 19395 marks (4.8pts) Rankings
3DMark11 - Performance France 40391 marks (0.5pts) Rankings
3DMark11 Physics 16621 Points (0pts) Rankings
3DMark2001 SE Germany 96351 marks (0pts) Rankings
Aquamark Australia 402987 marks (0.4pts) Rankings
Catzilla - 576p France 88939 marks (0pts) Rankings
Catzilla - 720p France 80353 marks (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R11.5 United States 22.66 points (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R11.5 with BenchMate 25.71 pts (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R15 Australia 1228 cb (0.5pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R15 with BenchMate France 1601 cb (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R20 Brazil 5567 marks (1.2pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R20 with BenchMate 4934 pts (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R23 Multi Core with BenchMate United States 10562 pts (0.5pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R23 Single Core with BenchMate Poland 1396 pts (1.5pts) Rankings
CPU Frequency Australia 5200 mhz (0.4pts) Rankings
GPUPI v3.3 - 1B United States 11sec 434ms (9.8pts) Rankings
3DMark - Time Spy Extreme (CPU) Poland 4357 marks (0pts) Rankings
Memory Frequency 2512.8 MHz (0pts) Rankings
PCMark 7 8549 marks (2pts) Rankings
PiFast with BenchMate 11sec 450ms (0pts) Rankings
SuperPi - 1M France 6sec 822ms (0.5pts) Rankings
SuperPi - 1M with BenchMate United States 7sec 224ms (0pts) Rankings
SuperPi - 32M with BenchMate 6min 44sec 765ms (0pts) Rankings
Unigine Heaven - Basic 7456.73 DX9 Marks (0pts) Rankings
Unigine Heaven - Xtreme 7074.05 DX11 Marks (0pts) Rankings
Unigine Superposition - 1080P Xtreme France 10686 Points (4.7pts) Rankings
Unigine Superposition - 8K Optimized France 6303 Points (6.7pts) Rankings
wPrime - 1024m with BenchMate 1min 40sec 622ms (0pts) Rankings
XTU Germany 3508 marks (0pts) Rankings
y-cruncher - Pi-1b 47sec 690ms (0pts) Rankings
y-cruncher - Pi-2.5b Poland 2min 12sec 582ms (2.5pts) Rankings