ASUS Maximus III Gene
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MBMODEL overclocking records

Benchmark Worldrecord Links
Reference Frequency Ukraine 276.66 MHz (13.6pts) Rankings

Maximus III Gene used in other benchmarks

Benchmark Worldrecord Links
3DMark Vantage - Performance Ukraine 33388 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark03 Argentina 121293 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark05 Argentina 43102 marks (0pts) Rankings
3DMark06 Turkey 32277 marks (0.2pts) Rankings
3DMark11 - Performance 7471 marks (1.4pts) Rankings
3DMark11 Physics Ukraine 8206 Points (0pts) Rankings
3DMark2001 SE South Africa 93362 marks (0pts) Rankings
Aquamark Russian Federation 416693 marks (30.4pts) Rankings
Cinebench - 2003 Germany 3333 CB (14.1pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R11.5 Russian Federation 8.12 CB (16.1pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R11.5 with BenchMate Ukraine 7.26 CB (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R15 Brazil 801 cb (12pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R15 with BenchMate Ukraine 669 CB (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R20 Ukraine 1411 CB (0.9pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R20 with BenchMate Ukraine 1284 CB (0pts) Rankings
Cinebench - R23 Multi Core with BenchMate Ukraine 3565 CB (2.5pts) Rankings
CPU Frequency 6580 mhz (8.4pts) Rankings
Geekbench3 - Multi Core Russian Federation 13402 points (2.5pts) Rankings
Geekbench3 - Single Core Germany 3762 points (6.4pts) Rankings
Geekbench4 - Multi Core Russian Federation 13745 points (2.5pts) Rankings
Geekbench4 - Single Core Germany 4084 points (2.5pts) Rankings
Geekbench5 - Multi Core Russian Federation 3341 points (0pts) Rankings
Geekbench5 - Single Core Russian Federation 799 points (0pts) Rankings
GPUPI for CPU - 100M Ukraine 31sec 647ms (2.5pts) Rankings
GPUPI for CPU - 1B Ukraine 7min 39sec 330ms (3.1pts) Rankings
GPUPI v3.3 for CPU - 100M Ukraine 28sec 104ms (0pts) Rankings
GPUPI v3.3 for CPU - 1B Ukraine 9min 47sec 202ms (0pts) Rankings
3DMark - Time Spy Extreme (CPU) Ukraine 1022 marks (0pts) Rankings
HWBOT Prime 5449.73 pps (0pts) Rankings
HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 1080p Russian Federation 18.186 fps (2.5pts) Rankings
HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 4k Ukraine 3.868 fps (1.1pts) Rankings
Memory Frequency Argentina 1327.2 MHz (0pts) Rankings
PCMark 7 Ukraine 6097 marks (2pts) Rankings
PCMark Vantage Ukraine 20632 marks (2pts) Rankings
PCMark04 Ukraine 10514 marks (2.5pts) Rankings
PCMark10 Ukraine 4603 marks (0pts) Rankings
PCMark10 Express Ukraine 4551 marks (0pts) Rankings
PCMark10 Extended Ukraine 5530 marks (0pts) Rankings
PiFast 15sec 10ms (5.7pts) Rankings
PiFast with BenchMate Ukraine 21sec 100ms (0pts) Rankings
SuperPi - 1M 6sec 708ms (11.2pts) Rankings
SuperPi - 1M with BenchMate Ukraine 10sec 150ms (0pts) Rankings
SuperPi - 32M 7min 14sec 625ms (6pts) Rankings
Unigine Heaven - Basic Ukraine 3975.08 DX9 Marks (0.5pts) Rankings
Unigine Heaven - Xtreme 1809.86 DX11 Marks (6.3pts) Rankings
wPrime - 1024m Argentina 2min 26sec 406ms (21.6pts) Rankings
wPrime - 1024m with BenchMate Ukraine 3min 22sec 670ms (0pts) Rankings
wPrime - 32m Argentina 4sec 702ms (25.2pts) Rankings
wPrime - 32m with BenchMate Ukraine 6sec 807ms (0pts) Rankings
y-cruncher - Pi-10b Ukraine 2h 7min 25sec 583ms (2pts) Rankings
y-cruncher - Pi-1b Ukraine 5min 20sec 577ms (2pts) Rankings
y-cruncher - Pi-25m Ukraine 4sec 112ms (0pts) Rankings