BenchMate 10.8 with official Rocket Lake and Windows11 support

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New installer, official Rocket Lake and Windows 11 support, several important bugfixes

BenchMate is now operated by Lentils e.U. instead of is now a nonprofit association and therefore can't have an extended validation certificate, which is needed by the BenchMate kernel driver. This is purely an organizational change without any practical impact.

    Download BenchMate 10.8 here


    • Official support for Rocket Lake & Windows 11
    • New installer with a classic look using basic MSI functionality. It's also smaller in size and should be much more stable than the last one. 
    • Added the latest HWiNFO SDK to fix the Rocket Lake 4C/6C memory frequency bug
    • Added OS detection for the latest Windows 10 and Windows Server version
    • Added detection for upcoming CPU and platform releases
    • Memory frequency and timings are no longer mandatory to produce a valid result file
    • Improved score security by adding more result validation
    • Improved executable obfuscation, error messages for result file creation errors. 
    • Fixed a bug where some benchmarks showed "HWiNFO error (reboot?)" when mandatory sensors where missing
    • Fixed a bug where a skewed timer could result in a negative score/time
    • Fixed a bug where some benchmarks were not visible in the result list after restarting the client (thanks to L0wpull from HWBOT)
    • Fixed DIMM slot detection of EVGA Z590 DARK
    • Fixed Rocket Lake timer detection warning in GPUPI. Important: GPUPI will show a 20 MHz HPET instead, which is actually using QPC with an appropriate factor for timestamps internally. It's a workaround to avoid the unsafe timer warnings and does not mean that you really have HPET enabled!
    • Fixed HPET bug on legacy platforms (X58 and below) where time could not be measured for a longer period than up to 4 minutes (thanks to L0wpull from HWBOT)
    • Fixed a bug that closed the launcher before displaying an error message
    • Updated all tools to their latest versions: HWiNFO 7.07, CPU-Z 1.96.1, GPU-Z 2.41.0

    Big thanks to ASRock, Nick Shih and Splav to implement and test the Rocket Lake support. 

    Download BenchMate 10.8 here


    This software will always be free for the benchmarking community around the globe. Therefore we rely on crowdfunding to be able to pay for ongoing certificate and licensing costs and to allow us to dedicate more time to bugfixes and development of brand-new features. With your help we can define a Future proof verification of benchmarking:

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