HWBOT New Style Rules

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Another small step has been taken after the redistribution of the Global points last week. The New Style HWBOT rules are up in the benchmark list:

2D Benchmark list (click to open)

3D Benchmark list (click to open)

Memory (click to open)

Reference Frequency (click to open)

Disk Benchmark list (click to open)

Major goal was to simplify the rules, so they would be more accessible from Rookie to Elite level Overclockers.

    • No more distinction will be made between bus clockable or non bus clockable setups. 
    • Each benchmark has now properly listed OSses which are allowed, in regards of the hardware used
    • Most rules include the Benchmark download links wherever possible
    • Some benchmark require newer versions of the software: eg X265 Benchmark has been updated to v2.3 (HPET only)
    • New screenshots have been made according the latest rules
    • ...

HWBOT 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme


Latest version & Systeminfo 5.32+ (enabled)

Windows Limitations:

No Windows OS limitation

Verification required:
Via verification link & screenshot (click for example)
Verification screenshot

Benchmark window and result details visible
CPUZ tab for CPU and memory (V1.94+)
GPUZ tab for GPU and Sensor (boost clocks)
Windows taskbar must be visible
No screenshot clipping or cropping

Verification link:

Verification link required


Nov 30, 2020: initial release

Benchmarks which don't have the new Rules will be phased out as there is no more support or a newer version was released that completely messes up the existing ranking, a perfect example is Maxxmem.Other Benchmarks like the "with BenchMate" will be merged in the future.It is clear we are running out of memory specific benchmarks. We already highlighted the Maxmem issue, also AIDA64 is a nitemare, as the developers change the output with each new release version. So any ideas of a proper memory benchmark are welcome.

Similar benchmark is lacking for Storage. We will release the AS SSD 2.0 version, but there must be be other quality storage benchmarks out there, with of course proper support from its developers.I opened a forum thead to discuss the new rules, chime in if you have any tips, spot errors (yes I'm only human too) or want some stuff to be added/removed.

The old rules are still visible via the benchmark itself, this in case there should be a debate or you want to crosscheck stuff. End of next week this link will be updated to the new rule set.

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