BenchMate version 10.6.8 officially released

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We got heads up from BenchMate's godfather Matt Zronek that he officially released the 10.6.8 version of his BenchMate secure benchmarking tool. Featuring a cool installer function and even an updater to keep your benchmarks in true Steam style up to date.

In the meantime also has been revamped with a brand new website. For those that are unware what BenchMate is all about, here are some simple basic keywords for you: Security, Validity, Reliability and an Auto submission function.

Changelog for this version can be read here.

In the pipeline for future version are ofcourse adding more benchmarks, but also game benchmarks. Especially the latter could be very interesting to grab the attention from another target audience, which have sometimes a love/hate relationship with the Overclocking community. 

Keep an eye on the new rules (scheduled for next week) regarding proper BenchMate usage for specific benchmarks ;)

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