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 IMPORTANT MESSAGE due to DATA Restore point

Due to a glitch, that we discovered early this morning, we had to urgently restore the database back to our last backup point which was Sunday the 28th around 14:00UTC.

This means that all scores from yesterday and even some of Sunday (after we took the backup) are not taken into account on the current HWBot page.

  • If you still have the scores on USB or SSD feel free to resubmit.
  • If you lost them, we are copying the database from 01/12 09:00 to a test server to reclaim the missing scores. If you have a score that needs to be resubmitted plz contact leeghoofd via the forum!

This restore prcedure will affect your current ranking/points total. Don't worry, these points need a bit of time to be recalculated.

For those competing in the G.Skill competition plz mail your final subs to The scores will be be manually inserted to finalize the ranking.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

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