Innovation! OCNG5 Project Helps Tiborrr Overclock Quad Socket AMD Opteron Setup

We wanted to cover this score last week as it was submitted 7 days ago but only got around to do it today. At first sight, you probably wonder what's so special about a quad socket AMD Opteron system scoring over 12,000 points in HWBOT Prime. After all, it's not the first time someone's thought of the idea to run a multi-socket system and we know AMD is particularly good at HWBOT Prime. What makes this result special is that this system is actually overclocked!

The overclocking isn't even limited to just increasing the CPU ratios! With the help of the OCNG5 software tool Tiborrr also increased the HT reference clock. Using 4 CPUs! The OCNG5 project introduces itself as follows: "OCNG5 (OC Next-Generation, version 5) is a firmware modification for Supermicro 4P G34 motherboards (complete list of supported motherboards below) that allows overclocking of all current AMD Opteron processors, that is 6100, 6200 and 6300 series. OCNG5 works by altering motherboard's reference clock early at boot and tuning processor components for performance and stability."

It is uncommon to see this kind of overclocking action on multi-socket systems and we love the innovation and creativity that goes in to the development of this kind of tools. For more information, check out the Area51 Development Blog here or the (brief) discussion in Tiborrr's submission thread.

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