GPUPI Beta 1.3 Available For Download

_mat_ released beta version 1.3 of the GPUGPI benchmark application in the forum. Find his message below:

Guys, version 1.3 is here. The whole code was refactored and allows multiple APIs now, that are loaded when the system supports it. The new version also includes a standalone for OpenCL and CUDA. The main reason is that the OpenCL version will run on Windows XP, the CUDA version won't.

The CUDA implementation was pretty easy and also uses less code to work. Especially the part to setup the application and prepare the calculation was a piece of cake compared to OpenCL. That said, I tried to be as fair as possible and implemented both APIs with each of their advantages, but still rely on the same algorithms and the same basic optimizations. I've also adjusted the OpenCL code a little bit to get them closer together, so the new version might differ a few milliseconds from the results of 1.2. Please use the new version as of now.

As requested I added two more digits to reach: 20B and 32B. Smaller graphics cards and CPUs will have to crunch those for days. Karl would have loved it! Have a fun and let me know your results and what you think!

Download: GPUPI Beta 1.3

More information in the forum thread

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