System Pictures No Longer Mandatory For Enthusiast Submissions

Following the release of our simplified Overclockers Ranking system which features one overview table and one league table for each of the overclocker groups, we also removed the requirement for system pictures to gain points for enthusiasts. We removed this rule with the following argumentation:

  • It is a fairly weak rule in terms of validation or verification
  • The pictures are usually of poor quality or not interesting (eg: just a case)
  • The rules are more streamlined

In addition we find that only a fraction of the new Rookie overclockers attach a picture to their benchmark submission. By removing the rule, we can give Rookies their first HWBoints and hopefully excite them to participate in the Overclockers Ranking.

The rule is applied retro-actively, which means all old results which did not yield points because of a lack of system picture should now be yielding points. The staff reserves the right to block a result in case of doubt. We also reserve the right to request additional verification.

Thank you for our understanding.

The HWBOT Staff.

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