HWBOT OC Challenge December 2010 - SuperPi - 32M

Stage: PI-32M S370 open - closed since 31 Dec

Stage Details

  • SuperPi - 32M is closed since 31 December 2010.


  • Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig.
  • A verification screenshot is required.
  • Only use processors using socket 370.
  • Use the official competition background: LINK

Currently top leader

us XtremeSystems 1h 0min 36sec 880ms good for 10 pts


Last month's challenge required not only current-gen hardware, but also a very decent storage setup. This month, we return to one of the foundations of the HWBOT OC Challenge series: competing with long forgotten 'old-skool' hardware.

Since this competition counts no less than 5 different stages, each having different hardware limitations, this will probably turn out to be one of the most team-intensive challenges, requiring people to speak to every single team's resource to compete in every stage.

Good luck!

Latest submissions for stage SuperPi - 32M

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  Benchmark Score User Team Frequency Hardware Cooling
1. SuperPi - 32M 1h 5min 30sec 381ms Greece zafiropo Greece Hellas Overclocking Team 2080 MHz Intel Celeron 1300Mhz (Tualatin) Cascade 0   0
2. SuperPi - 32M 1h 38min 21sec 313ms Russian Federation Patriot219 Russian Federation NSK- over 1671 MHz Intel Celeron 1200Mhz (Tualatin) Air 0   0
3. SuperPi - 32M 1h 0min 36sec 880ms Canada MTP04 United States XtremeSystems 1810 MHz Intel Pentium III-S 1400Mhz H2O 8   2
4. SuperPi - 32M 1h 5min 47sec 606ms Canada MTP04 United States XtremeSystems 1680 MHz Intel Pentium III-S 1400Mhz Air 0   0
5. SuperPi - 32M 1h 11min 42sec 607ms Johni5 Team Hungary 1750 MHz Intel Pentium III-S 1400Mhz Air 3   0
6. SuperPi - 32M 1h 20min 51sec 115ms Strunkenbold Germany AwardFabrik 1555 MHz Intel Celeron 1000A Mhz (Tualatin) Stock 0   0
7. SuperPi - 32M 1h 13min 54sec 737ms Canada MTP04 United States XtremeSystems 1596 MHz Intel Pentium III-S 1400Mhz Air 0   0
8. SuperPi - 32M 1h 16min 55sec 767ms Indonesia placid Indonesia placido-oc 1544 MHz Intel Celeron 1100A MHz (Tualatin) H2O 0   0
9. SuperPi - 32M 1h 28min 36sec 124ms France _0CooL_ France Klan-OC 1539.3 MHz Intel Pentium III EB 1200Mhz Stock 1   0
10. SuperPi - 32M 1h 18min 56sec 741ms Russian Federation Samendk Team Russia 1631.5 MHz Intel Celeron 1300Mhz (Tualatin) Air 3   2