Skylake and Broadwell CPU and GPGPU Performance Figures At SiSoft Sandra?

While browsing the SiSoft Sandra result database we stumbled upon what appears to be a set of performance figures of the Intel Skylake architecture. One set of results is gathered under the "Intel Skylake Client platform Skylake Client System (Intel Skylake AIO DDR3L RVP10)" system while another is gathered under the "SKYLAKE-DDR3-VC" system. The performance figures include mostly theoretical benchmark results, and it seems they've not been confirmed by another media thus far. We cannot verify the numbers or data, but it seems SiSoft Sandra is treating them as legit as they published an article based on the figures a while ago titled: "Benchmarks : Intel Gen 6 Core (Skylake 2015) GPGPU (HD 6000 EV9) Preview: Worthy upgrade?

Does anyone know if the results can be trusted? And if so, how they got published?

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Update: We have received an email stating the specs appear to match current engineering samples. No confirmation on the performance figures yet.

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