MSI 6 Series Extreme OC Tuning Challenge

To provide the chance of MSI’s 6 series mainboard users show the extreme OC performance, world-renowned mainboard and graphics card manufacturer MSI and overclocking website HWBOT are hosting the “MSI 6 Series Extreme OC Tuning Challenge” from June 1st ~ 30th. There are 3 stages to this challenge based on CPU/Memory Overclocking performance. Stage 1: SuperPI 32M, Stage 2: BCLK OC and Stage 3: Wprime 1024M.

All participants using MSI’s any 6 series mainboard (P67/H67/H61/Z68) are able enter the competition by submitting the result and receiving points for getting into the top 8 of each stage. The top 1 winner could win the MSI Radeon HD 6970 Lightning and one lucky draw winner will get the Western Digital HDD WD2002FAEX,

Now get on your tuning shoes and good luck!


  • MSI 6 Series Extreme OC Tuning Challenge is closed since 30 June 2011.
  • This competition is between Members.

This competition is closed. You can no longer join.



This competition was open to everyone.


  • MSI R6970 Lightning

    Power4 Architecture
    - World’s first 18 phase PWM on HD 6970.
    - Independent Memory Power support.
    - Copper MOS with 2x high current capacity.
    - Proadlizer*4 to optimized power supply.

    Propeller Blade on Twin Frozr III
    - Twin Frozr III Thermal Design with 26? cooler & 12 dB quieter.
    - Propeller Blade technology for 20% more airflow.
    - Dual 9cm fans with dual 8mm SuperPipes for best heat dissipation.
    - Form-in-one heatsink covers memory and modules to dissipate heat efficiency.

    Triple Overvoltage by Afterburner
    - Support voltage adjustment of GPU/Memory/VDDCI
    - The oc capability can be boosted 20% up!!

    Top Quality Components
    - Military Class II Components for longer product lifespan.
    - LPL (Lightning Power Layer) for the stable power supply.

  • Lucky Draw: Western Digital HDD WD2002FAEX

    Maximum performance

    Dual processor technology, up to 64 MB cache and SATA 3 Gb/s or 6 Gb/s interface takes everything we know about 7200 RPM performance and turns it on its ear.
    No compromises

    High performance, high capacity, best-in-class reliability, and cutting edge technology make up WD Caviar Black, the ideal drive for those who demand only the best.
    Award winning

    This 7200 RPM speedster is at the top of its class when it comes to performance and reliability benchmarks
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HWBOT General Rules and Guidelines

Here at HWBOT we try our best to deliver a fair and enjoyable playing field for all those who participate in the rankings and competition. To be able to provide this kind of service we have tried to design some submission and general rules to help remove any doubts about whether something is allowed or not. Based on continued experience these rules will be updated, expanded and completed as time goes by. Please check back for any updates.