MadOnion Nostalgia Festival

All of us hardcore overclockers love the 3DMark2001 SE benchmark. It's by far the most tweakable benchmark and it requires high overall frequencies to produce the best possible result. The benchmark can easily take away a month of your social life.

Many people forgot about the two other 3DMark benchmarks developed by MadOnion: 3DMark 99 Max and 3DMark2000. With the upcoming changes changes to the ORB, we figured it would be good to have another go at the legendary MadOnion benchmarks.

So, for the rest of the year 2010, we will be spending time on 3DMark 99 Max, 3DMark2000 and 3DMark2001. Simply because ... we can!

Download: 3DMark 99 Max, 3DMark2000 and 3DMark2001 SE.


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  • MadOnion / Futuremark Secret Fun Pack

    The top-3 of this nostalgia competition wins a secret fun pack consisting of Madonion and Futuremark related goodies! Perhaps a a bit of software, perhaps a bit of t-shirt ... you'll know when you open the package.

  • 5x Secret Luck Draw

    5 participants will recieve a Nostalgic secret luck draw.

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