HWBOT OC Challenge January 2010

As announced in an earlier news post, in 2010 HWBOT will be holding a monthly Overclocking Challenge. In contrary the competitions held in the past, this series of challenges we will be using a variety of current generation low-end and old-skool high-end hardware. The aim is to give overclockers an alternative for the daily HWBoint hunts and, of course, just to have fun with low-cost hardware.

The first challenge of the year 2010 will be all about the GeForce4 series. We'll be using the 3DMark03 benchmark; whoever scores highest wins the competition.


  • HWBOT OC Challenge January 2010 is closed since 31 January 2010.
  • This competition is between Members.

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This competition was open to everyone.




    The winner of the first HWBOT OC Challenge will be sent this mainboard, provided by Gigabyte. The GA-E7AUM-DS2H features a GeForce 9400 integrated graphics card and support all the latest LGA775 processors. Enough to grab a couple of golden cups in the hardware rankings

HWBOT General Rules and Guidelines

Here at HWBOT we try our best to deliver a fair and enjoyable playing field for all those who participate in the rankings and competition. To be able to provide this kind of service we have tried to design some submission and general rules to help remove any doubts about whether something is allowed or not. Based on continued experience these rules will be updated, expanded and completed as time goes by. Please check back for any updates.