HWBOT Country Cup 2011

It’s been a year since Romania went home with their second Country Cup title and renewed their status of “World’s Most Awesome OC Country”. On November 19th, however, their undefeated status is at stake during the six weeks of HWBOT Country Cup 2011. Nations as Russia and Poland showed in previous editions to be capable of almost beating Romania. Who will take the Country Cup title this year? Get your line-up ready!

The main idea of the competition is still the same as last year: work together as a team to put up the best possible result. Just like the previous editions, the Country Cup is divided into a number of stages, each with their own benchmark and hardware limitations. To score points, each team needs different users to form the best possible average, using different types of hardware. Points are given based on your country’s rank in each stage and the sum of all points forms the basis of the overall competition ranking.

The competition always revolved around a large set of stages to compete in over a rather short period of time. Just like any edition of the HWBOT Country Cup, we updated the format a little based on the feedback we received the year before. This year we’ve prolonged the minimum length of a stage to one week and a half, giving the teams enough time to prepare and set a score. Also new this year is the introduction of three levels of competition stages.

  • Level 1: 10/11 days, 5 different users, 5 different setups, 10p for winner
  • Level 2: 21 days, 3 different users, 3 different setups, 15p for winner
  • Level 3: 42 days, 1 user, 1 setup, 25p for winner

Of course, this competition is all about defending your country’s flag and no prize can replace the joy of seeing your flag at the top of the ranking. But, we’re also looking into a set of extreme cooling gear for the winners. The exact amount and gear is still TBD. The competition link will be made available as soon as the competition page is finished. Note that we will require competition entries to have a specific Must use competition background: competition background to be valid. So, you can of course start preparing, but you will have to run the benchmarks during the competition.

Good luck to everyone and may the best country win!

(PS: ES not allowed!)


  • HWBOT Country Cup 2011 is closed since 30 December 2011.
  • This competition is between countries.

This competition is closed. You can no longer join.



This competition was open to everyone.

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