HWBOT Country Cup 2009

This competition consists of seven benchmarks spread over seven weeks. In other words, chances are big that you will not have the time to submit a world record breaking result, which makes it interesting to see who will come up with the best result within a very limited time-frame. The results are grouped per country and countries are ranked based on the average score of the top-3 submissions. So, in order to win, you will have to motivate your fellow overclockers to submit good results. Per stage, countries are awarded points and the country that gathered most points at the end of seven stages wins the competition.

This is an official, annual HWBOT competition. You will not be able to defend your country until 2010, so do your best effort!


  • HWBOT Country Cup 2009 is closed since 24 December 2009.
  • This competition is between countries .

This competition is closed. You can no longer join.