ASRock FM2 OC Competition

TAIPEI, Taiwan, January 4, 2013 — The global leading motherboard brand ASRock announced today to organize ASRock FM2 OC Competition with HWBOT, the top organization hosting the world's only 24/7 overclocking competition bring together 35,000 participants and feature competition in thousands of categories. The participants will be competing for highest CPU-Z or 3DMark Vantage score which is submitted to using the benchmark’s performance preset.

The contest, sponsored by several prestigious brands including AMD, Kingston and Cooler Master, starts from January 7, runs until February 4, and is open to all overclockers with ASRock brand motherboards and AMD Socket FM2 CPUs. The total prize is worth up to 6,740 dollars and the final champion of CPU-Z and 3DMark Vantage event will be awarded with top prize of 2,170 dollars value respectively. Besides, ASRock offers extra USD 1, 000 cash prize for the entry that breaks the world record of CPU-Z or 3DMark Vantage test to encourage global overclockers explore the hardware limits. The grand prize makes it one of the most eye-catching online OC competitions in FM2 platforms, which is estimated to attract enthusiastic overclockers worldwide.

Contest Details

  • Contest information

    • Competition start: 2013/01/07 11:00am (GMT+8)
    • Competition end: 2013/02/04 11:00am (GMT+8)
    • Winner announcement: 2013/02/07 11:00(GMT+8) on ASRock official microsite and HWBOT website.
    • There are 4 weekly periods and the weekly winner will be announced at next Monday 11:00am GMT+8.
    • No limit to number of entries, try as many times as you want to win!
    • Weekly prizes are awarded to the highest scoring contestants during that week
    • Each contestant is only eligible to win 1 (one) prize. Grand prize or weekly, no repeat winners

      • If a contestant qualifies for multiple prizes, he/she will win the Grand Prize or the first weekly prize he/she qualified for
      • All prizes will pass to the next contestants in score order who is not yet qualified to win any prizes

    • HWBOT and the sponsors reserve the right to reject any entry
    • All the prized will be shipped to the winner within 30 days from ASRock.
    • More detail, please entry

  • Hardware limitations

    • AMD Socket FM2 CPU
    • ASRock FM2 Series Motherboard
    • IGP only (no discrete graphics cards)
    • Must use commercially available components. Engineering sample hardware is not allowed

  • Additional competition rules

    • Verification screenshot is necessary
    • Verification link is mandatory
    • System picture must be included
    • Must use competition background: link


How to WIN Provider Prize Value
WR Breaker (x1 for each stage) ASRock USD$1000 Cash
Overall Champion ASRock, AMD, Cooler Master and Kingston

Week 1 Stage Winner Cooler Master

  • Silent Pro M2 850W
  • TPC 812 Cooler

Week 2 Stage Winner Kingston SH103S3/240G USD$300
Week 3 Stage Winner Cooler Master

  • Silent Pro M2 850W
  • TPC 812 Cooler

Week 4 Stage Winner Kingston SH103S3/240G USD$300


  • ASRock FM2 OC Competition is closed since 4 February 2013.
  • This competition is between Members.

This competition is closed. You can no longer join.



This competition was open to everyone.

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  • Overall Champion

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  • Week 2: Stage Winner

  • Week 3: Stage Winner

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