Massman's Nehalem/Westmere 3DMark01 challenge

As many of you die-hard overclockers already know: 3DMark01 still is old-skool LGA775's territory since Nehalem (LGA1156 and LGA1366) doesn't provide the specific power required for this old, yet extremely challenging, benchmark. But! Some people are convinced that Nehalem has in fact the power to break, or at least come close to, a couple of world records; the only issue is that not enough time is spent on this platform to really troubleshoot the issues and figure out the hidden performance tweaks. So, we need a challenge. This time it's not a low-clock challenge, but a go-nuts-go-hard challenge for which the objective is very simple: prove Massman either wrong or right when he states that Nehalem has the power for 3DMark01.

Note that as this is to learn more about the capabilities of Nehalem, it's absolutely necessary that everyone shows as much information as possible. So please include the CPU-Z and GPU-Z windows, all subtest information and if possible everest bandwidth numbers.


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