4-Way GTX580, 2200W and one PSU

Who says you need a multi-PSU combo to run 4-Way SLI?!

Hardware used:

PSU: Antec HCP1200W (Retail Version) // CPU: Core i7 980x // VGA: MSI GTX580 4way SLI // MB: Gigabyte X58 UD9 // HDD: Adata S599 100GB // RAM: Adata XPG + 2200 CL8 2GBx3 // Cooler: Antec Kuhler Flow + Formula 7 Paste // Dimas Benchtable


Germany SoF says:

it will blow up the moment you overclock it under ln2 :p

Romania Monstru says:

Were do you get these numbers? I tested 4 x GTX 580 and I haven't seen anything over 1500W, with i980X at 5400MHz and VGA's at 900MHz...

Romania Monstru says:

Now I've read the thread on XS - 1600W from the wall guys, not 2200W :)

Belgium Massman says:

Isn't it 2200W from the wall (input) at 80% efficiency, so 1700W from setup (output)?

Romania Monstru says:

No, it is 1600W from the wall which equals ~1300W real power draw. This is what Nick said on XS, and this is also what I have found in my 4xGTX580 test.

Belgium Massman says:

That was the first test:

nickshih said: Using Prime95 and Furmark for GPU & CPU Full loading test .

Let's see video of the real input power consumption of GTX580 4way SLI of whole system.

It is around 1500~1600w from wall . Before unlocking OCP , it is around 1200~1300w .

The efficiency of HCP1200 is around 89% with such loading .

So output watt is around 1350~1400w

Input Voltage 110V , upper right value (KW) is power consumption ,


Second test (no OCP)

i like to push hardwares to extremity. So i add the VGA voltage to 1.1 vcore

Core speed to 820 Mhz . Totally 2200w continue input loading done .

The efficiency of HCP1200 is around 81% with such loading .

So output watt is around 1700~1800w .


Unless I'm missing something?

Sweden elmor says:

I've had 2kW (peak) from the outlet with 980x on LN2 and 4x580 on air, most of the time it's cpu limited though so around 1300-1400W.

Romania Monstru says:

1500W and something here, with i980X @ 5400MHz and 4 x GTX 580 on air, no OCP.

Belgium Massman says:

980X under LN2? Lower temps reduce power usage, IIRC.

France Wizerty says:

980x under load with CPU fan off ???

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