HWBOT Implements New Community Forum Platform

If you are a regular forum user here on HWBOT you will no doubt have realized that there have been a few problems lately. The essence of the problem lies in the fact that the vBulletin v3.8 platform was somewhat outdated and therefore vulnerable to attack. To improve the community forum we are in the process of implementing a new forum platform.

For the time being, the old forum is still accessible and works as usual but we have begun implementing a wholly platform based on Invision Community software. You can go ahead and check it out here: https://community.hwbot.org/. All users who made one or more posts on the old forum will be able to login at the new one using the same login and password, however we do recommend you change your password for security reasons. The new forum platform is secured by a HTTPS protocol.

We have looked into migration tools to help move all the old content to the new forum, alas there are no perfect solutions with most solutions encountering formatting issues. To help migrate the important threads and posts (guides, how tos, advice and other generally useful content) we are asking users to volunteer to help with this process. Our first priority in terms of migration will be contest support and general HWBOT support threads. If you would like to help with the migration process, please email myself (stewart@hwbot.org) or Massman (pieter@hwbot.org). All help on this matter is massively appreciated as always.

By the end of the year we aim to shut down the old forum and will probably make it ‘read only’ at some point before then. Any and all questions can be aired here on this thread on the new HWBOT Forum.


Canada WhiteWulfe says:

So uhm, what happened to this new forum? It doesn't pull up.

France Wimpzilla says:

Same here, it get stuck loading the page: "Performing a TSL handshake to..."

Australia newlife says:

Not going to use until full migration of old forum and will happily stop using hwbot if it doesn't happen because the fact you don't want to with the amount of info that is going to be lost is beyond a joke

And just to throw it out there OCAU recently migrated to XenForo without issue from vBulletin

United States yosarianilives says:

Anyone asking about the website I heard from Websmile that they're looking into it. All the people who can fix it went to OCWC and were unavailable to contact :D

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