rsannino (Italy) Becomes No.1 Ranked Overclocker on HWBOT

I think it’s fair to say that in overclocking terms Italian overclocker rsannino is having a very good year. He managed to win the G.SKILL OC Cup 2017 contest back in June of this year (a contest in which he also won the online qualifier), plus he took six outright wins in Challenger Divisions II and III. He has also qualified for the GALAX GOC 2017 Finals. Did I mention also that he is invited to appear to in the Overclocking World Championship Finals in Berlin due to his G.SKILL OC Cup win? Let’s just say that it has been really impressive to see an overclocker gradually climb the rankings to finally topple Dancop and become No.1. Congrats to you sir!

Rsannino currently sits at the top of the HWBOT global rankings with a league points haul of 2,973.7 points, just ahead of Dancop on 2,876 points. The points total is made up of Global World Records and Global First Placed scores, Hardware Points for being fastest with specific hardware components and points gained from performances on the OC-ESPORTS competitive platform (including contest wins mentioned above).

In terms of pure World Records he currently holds the fastest ever score in 3DMark Vantage Performance - a score of 138,185 marks using a pair of GTX 1080 Ti cards. Looking at Global First Places however, his top 15 scores contain seven Gold Cups. When we consider Hardware Points he has five Gold Cups and Three Silver Cups. Interestingly these include a very broad spread of different hardware including AMD and Nvidia GPUs, plus Core i3 and i7 CPUs of various architectures.

You can check out all the rsannino profile in full here which includes all of achievements including recent work with the latest Coffee Lake processors. You can also take a look at the HWBOT league rankings in full here.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Congrats Roberto! Hope to see you in Berlin!

United States GtiJason says:

Congrats on becoming no. 1, your Competition points are huge !

Czech Republic PKBO says:

Congratulation man ! ;)

Australia unityofsaints says:

Waiting for Dancop to drop tons of 8700K/7980XE scores to reclaim the lead ;) Enjoy your time at the top!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Roberto's year !!

United States Splave says:

Congrats Roberto nice pushing

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

congrats :)

Italy sburnolo says:


Indonesia speed.fastest says:

Congrats rsannino! You deserved it

Czech Republic Elkim says:

Congratz! :)

United States [UC OC] Karmakazi says:


Greece varachio says:

Well done mate! Congrats!

Chile Samsarulz says:


Italy rsannino says:


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