HWBOT overclocking leagues

At HWBOT, overclockers from all around the globe meet and compete in the various overclocking leagues. On this page, you can find an overview of the different overclocking leagues

Professional Overclockers League

Link to the Professional Overclockers League: http://hwbot.org/league/pro_oc

The Pro OC League can simply be described as the ultimate level of overclocking. In this league, you find the world`s best overclockers competing with the most high-end, most expensive systems on the planet. The overclockers competing in this league go beyond what us mortals can imagine. The ranking of the Pro OC League is based on the top-15 global results. Or, to put it differently, world records are mandatory!

The Pro OC League is a recently new addition to HWBOT as it was first introduced in Rev4.

Overclockers League

Link to the Overclockers League: http://hwbot.org/league/oc

The OC League mainly focuses on the extreme hobbyist overclockers; those who buy and push their own, retail, hardware. As mentioned before, we aim for our rankings to represent the skill of overclockers rather than the ability to purchase a high-end, expensive setup. Your position in the OC League is based on the following variables:

- Top-15 global: the points of the 15 most rewarding (= highest global+3DWR points) are counted
- Top-20 hardware: the points of the 15 most rewarding (= highest global points) contribute to your ranking
- Competition points: the acquired competition points of the last 3 months are added to your OC League total

As said, only the best global score will be attributing points to your personal total. In this case, the definition of 'best score' would be 'the most rewarding score', which means that not the highest score, or the highest ranked result, is attributing points, but the score that receives the most global points. An example:

- 3DMark03 1xGPU 4th place: 75 global points
- 3DMark03 2xGPU 3rd place: 95 global points
- 3DMark03 3xGPU 2nd place: 50 global points
- 3DMark03 4xGPU 1st place: 30 global points

Most rewarding score = 3rd 2xGPU category => 3DMark03 global points addressed to your personal total = 95 points.

Enthusiast league

Link to the Enthusiast League: http://hwbot.org/league/enthusiast

The Enthusiast League is new since Rev4. The main idea of this league is to give normal overclockers a first taste of an overclocking competition. Unlike the OC League, which is all about being the fastest no matter what, the Enthusiast League is limited to ambient cooling. For your result to give you points for the Enthusiast League, the following variables are used:

- Ambient cooling: all used cooling devices must be either stock, air cooling or water cooling.
- Picture of setup: a picture of your overclocking setup must be added to verify cooling solution.
- Within range of possibility: our engine will calculate the likelihood of your submission. For instance: 6GHz 980X will be filtered out.

Apart from the three above variables, the points are based on the same algorithm as the OC League. Note that the results of the OC League and the Enthusiast league are ranked in the same ranking. In practice, this means that if you beat your own air cooling result with an LN2 cooled submission, you will lose your Enthusiast League contribution of that submission!

Hardware Masters

Link to the Hardware Masters: http://hwbot.org/league/hardware_masters

In contrary to the Pro OC League, the OC League and the Enthusiast League, the Hardware Masters fully focuses on the hardware points, which are distributed through the different hardware category rankings. The concept of the Hardware Masters has, since the beginning, not changed one bit. The algorithm is very, very simple: sum of all hardware points.

Team League

Link to the Team League: http://hwbot.org/league/teams

The Teams League is one of the oldest leagues at HWBOT, but without any doubt a very important one. In this league, communities and/or overclocking teams from all around the globe compete. The key to success here is not just having the latest, greatest hardware or benching everything you have, but a combination of both. The Teams League has undergone quite a change with Rev4. Previously, the team ranking was just the sum of user efforts, but with the introduction of Team Powerpoints the Teams League is now all about team effort!

There are two ways to boost your team`s ranking in HWBOT: TPP (team powerpoints) and UP (user points). Here`s a breakdown of the score algoritm of the Team League:

Team points = SUM(TPP) + SUM(UP)/10

To gain TPP, you must improve the ranking of your team in each global and hardware ranking. In order to find out how well your team is doing, click on the "best of team"-filter option in each ranking. The higher your team is ranking, the more points you'll receive.

To gain UP, you must improve your personal score in each ranking you're participating in. To check out your personal ranking, click on the 'best of member'-filter in each ranking.