The ASUS ROG Overclocking MasterClass, with DrWeez

A couple of weeks ago we brought to your attention a workshop session that was sponsored by the ASUS ROG team in South Africa, in partnership with the country’s No.1 overclocker, the one and only DrWeez. Today we can bring you an update of sorts with an article we came across which digs a little deeper into the folks who were invited and the XOC escapades that actually took place. Here’s a sample of the article from <.p>

Last month, ASUS Republic of Gamers held their second ASUS ROG Overclocking MasterClass with DrWeez. This is where ASUS gives the public a chance to push their ROG boards to the limit in an intimate class setting with renowned overclocker Andrew Roberts. The participants were Matthew “Tiny” Lotter, George “GeeMax” Smith, who are two of South Africa’s preeminent ounter-Strike: Global Offensive commentators and YouTube reviewers, Brett “UFDisciple” Stelmaszek has rapidly become one of South Africa’s top PC tech pundits, and our RebelTech competition winner Raymond Mhlanga.

Our participants were taken through a systematic process of overclocking from smearing Vaseline on the boards, to de-lidding their i7 7700k CPU’s, where DrWeez showed them a cool way of applying thermal paste. They prepped the boards and mounted the deceivingly heavy copper cooling cylinder. The preparation process is extremely important as one loose bolt could heavily affect the outcome of your overclocked speed. The goal of the day was to achieve 6.5GHz (or above). Of course, the pièce de résistance of the day was the pouring of liquid nitrogen on the boards.

You read the full article here on the website.

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