[HWBOT X] ASUS ROG Masterclass with DrWeez: Part II

Back in May of this year we brought you news about a new kind of overclocking event hosted by ASUS South Africa and the country’s No.1 overclocker, DrWeez. Inspired partly by the ROG Camp event which has been held in Berlin, Germany for the last few years, the ROG Masterclass event involves prominent YouTubers and tech enthusiasts being invited to learn all about overclocking from the master himself. DrWeez hosts the event at his home, giving attendees a comprehensive course that includes tutorials about motherboard insulation, LN2 pot mounting, BIOS tweaking and of course, running benchmarks to see just how they’re we’re doing.

In a follow up event (Part II) just last weekend, DrWeez invited four lucky local tech media folks into his den to try their hand at pushing a CPU under Liquid Nitrogen. With help from ASUS South Africa all the gear was provided so that his guests would have everything they would need to prepare the hardware for a real LN2 benching session. Step one of course included motherboard preparation. Once prepped it’s time to break out the paper towels, mount the LN2 pot and starting pouring the LN2 followed by some fun raising clocks and voltages.

Read the full blog post covering the ASUS ROG Masterclass event here on the HWBOT X website.

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