Dancop (Germany) Rauf (Sweden) and TeamAU (Aus) Enjoy 3DMark03 Fight, Dancop in Front, For Now…

Over the last few days we’ve seen some pretty interesting action regarding the 3DMark03 benchmark with the World Record changing hands a few times. Just last Friday we brought you news that Sweden’s No.1 overclocker Rauf had managed to submit a World Record score in the 3DMark03 benchmark. His record score of 359,451 marks did not last long however. TeamAU just hours later, posted a score of 359,792 marks. In both cases the hardware used consisted of the latest Kaby Lake-X Core i7 7740K processor and an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti card.

Within hours of the TeamAU submission, Rauf proved that he still had plenty left in the tank, posting a score that broke the 360,000+ barrier for the first time. With a Core i7 7740X chip clocked at 7GHz, a GALAX Geforce GTX 1080 Ti card pushed to 2,550MHz (+72.30%) / 1,600MHz (+16.28%) he managed to hit a score of 360,721 marks, reclaiming the 3DMark03 World Record. Other rig components include an ROG Rampage VI Apex motherboard with DDR4 memory clocked at 2,078MHz (12-11-11-28).

Enter Dancop. The current German and World No.1 ranked overclocker entered the 3DMark03 fray armed with a Titan Xp card with the GPU configured at 2,550MHz (+72.30%). With 3DMark03 being quite an old benchmark however, CPU grunt remains a vital factor. Dancop managed to push his Core i7 7740K to several MHz higher than his competitors, hitting a CPU clock frequency of 7,169.4MHz (+66.73%). The upshot of all this work was a new World Record score of 365,098, well and truly blowing the doors off that 360K barrier!

You can find all the scores in the links above, as well here on the TeamAU, Rauf and Dancop profile pages.

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