Rauf (Sweden) Breaks 3DMark03 World Record with GTX 1080 Ti and Core i7 7740X

Swedish No.1 Rauf has just made a submission which has broken the World Record score for the classic 3DMark03 benchmark. Rauf’s score scoots past the previous best submitted by TeamAU back in early June of this year. Let’s take a look at the hardware used and the configuration that is earning Rauf this new World Record.

The new World Record score in the 3DMark03 benchmark now stands at 35,9451 marks. It was made using two key components, an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti card and a Kaby Lake-X Core i7 7740X processor. Being an older benchmark that isn’t designed to take advantage of the latest GPU architectures, the key to scoring highly is to push to both CPU and GPU in pretty much equal measure. On the CPU side of things we find Rauf pushing his Core i7 7740X to 7GHz which is +62.79% beyond stick settings, a really high frequency that can really pay off in this benchmark. Equally impressive is his Pascal GP102 GPU which was pushed to 2,500MHz, a massive +72% beyond stock with graphics memory tuned nicely to 1,600MHz (+16.28%).

Other notable hardware includes the latest ASUS ROG Rampage VI Apex motherboard (yes, him with the substantial VRM heatsinks) plus a G.SKILL DDR4 Trident Z configured at 2,073MHz (12.0 11-11-28). The rig was also powered by a monster Super Flower 8Pack Edition 2,000 watt power supply.

The new high score beats the previous best from TeamAU by quite a decent margin. Early in June of this year they managed a score of 35,6678 marks using the same two key hardware components. The new World Record earns Rauf an additional 100 WR points and 115 Global Points, elevating ho, him to a ranking of 11th in the Worldwide HWBOT rankings.You can find all the scores in the links above as well as here on the Rauf profile page.

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