Points Enabled for HWBOT X265 1080P and 4K Benchmarks

Via this newsflash article we'd like to inform you that hardware, global and WR points have been enabled for the HWBOT X265 1080P and HWBOT X265 4K benchmarks. The points are being calculated at the moment and should be added to your profiles shortly.

The X265 benchmark has been at HWBOT since August 2015, when Czech overclocker Havli added API support to his existing benchmark application. Havli is known as the curator of the website HW-Museum. Just like GPUPI the benchmark has been proven quite popular among the HWBOT community as the presets have accumulated over 7,500 benchmark submissions. This is exceptional for a benchmark without points. More importantly, the benchmark is allowed on ALL Windows versions, including Windows 8/10, as long as the HPET timer is enabled.

In October last year Havli updated the benchmark to v2.0.0 which includes hardware monitoring as well as improved performance across a variety of processor architectures. You can download the latest version of the benchmark from our cloud storage service here.

With Global points enabled, the benchmarks will also join our list of applications with official World Record designation. You can find the Hall of Fame of the 1080P preset here and the Hall of Fame of the 4K preset here.

The current World Record holder is Matty90 from Italy with a powerful 4x Intel Xeon E7 8867 V3 system. This system scores 166.74 FPS in the 1080P preset and 47.71 FPS in the 4K preset.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Discuss here...

United States marco.is.not.80 says:

Can someone explain to me why HPET has to be on for Skylake and Kabylake processors? Not only is a nuisance but the performance for my system suffers when I have to force HPET on on my Skylake/Kabylake systems. If I don't suffer from the bug why should I have to be at a disadvantage in performance?

United States Mr.Scott says:

You make it sound like you're the only one. :rolleyes:

I've never seen a loss of performance due to HPET.

And this isn't the thread to be bringing it up.

Greece Fasttrack says:

Mr.Scott said:
I've never seen a loss of performance due to HPET.

Partially true Scotty :)
Try running XTU on Z170-Z270-X99 platforms with HPET enabled and then disabled,-

As for the gentleman complaining -
He must learn to play by the rules.
Fair or not, we all obey.
As in life.
Did I hear someone saying that life is fair ?

United States Mr.Scott says:

Thank you. I'm new to Z170 so I will be greatly surprised anyways. :)

Brazil Casanova says:

This is a great benchmark, loved the 4k video, very professional.

Philippines mus1mus says:

How effective is this bench catching unwanted tweaks to improve scores?

Just asking as I have seen a result recently that doesn't correlate to the results everyone else is posting.

United States marco.is.not.80 says:

Mr.Scott said: You make it sound like you're the only one. :rolleyes:

I've never seen a loss of performance due to HPET.

And this isn't the thread to be bringing it up.

I didn't realize it was not the place to discuss it because I thought that was exactly what sdougal meant when he wrote "discuss here" :-)

Fair enough, though - I'll find the proper forum thread.

Czech Republic havli says:

The fact is HPET is not required by HWBOT for Skylake / Kaby Lake. The x265 Benchmark was however developed mostly even before Skylake was introduced (and status on timers for this platform was determined). So in this case algorithm is simple - Windows 8 and later (plus Windows Server based on these) = HPET must be active regardless of platform used. It is possible I might consider adding an exception for HPET with SKL / KL in the next version.

Btw - it seems the current version of the x265 encoder (2.4) brings no performance benefit over the current encoder 2.0 (used in the benchmark)... so at least for another year there will be no performance affecting update.

United States marco.is.not.80 says:

That's great news, havli - the developer of GPUPI has stated his intentions to release a version soon that won't require HPET to be enabled on Sky/Kaby. Appreciate your dedicated time providing software to the community! :-)

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