HWBOT x265 Benchmark Updated to Version 2.0.0

It’s official. The latest version of HWBOT x265 is here and ready to go. Updated from version 1.2.0 released last September, the 2.0.0 version adds an upgraded and improved encoder version, user selectable instruction sets, real-time monitoring, and an upgraded CPU-Z plus a few other fixes.

Developed by Czech developer and HWBOT member Havli, HWBOT x265 Benchmark is based on the open source x265 encoder. It can take advantage of modern CPUs instructions and scales well with multi-core processors. With two presets available, 1080p and 4k, the main workload involves converting H264 source video to H265/HEVC and measure average fps. Havli had this to say about the latest 2.0.0 version:

“HWBOT x265 Benchmark v2.0.0 is based on improved x265 encoder, build (compiled by GCC). Compared to previous version ( GCC), the new one greatly improves encoding speed on virtually all processor architectures. Also multi threading seems to be better - the bigger your CPU is, the better relative fps gain you can expect.”

Here’s the full change-log:

  • -The x265 encoder upgraded to v
  • -User selectable instruction set to use for benchmarkX
  • -Real time monitoring introduced, using Open Hardware Monitor Alpha
  • -CPU-Z upgraded to version 1.77
  • -Fixed elapsed time and remaining time indication - it is no longer timezone dependent.

The latest 2.0.0 version HWBOT x265 encoder is available from this link. You can also find the updated change-log page here and lots more useful information here on the hw-museum.cz website.

Note: Older version of the benchmark are still supported on HWBOT.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Discuss here...

ultraex2005 says:

2 times download new edition dont work for me !! any ideas ;;;
1.2 edition is fine all ok !!

websmile says:

Same problem here

Czech Republic havli says:

I think this package is compressed using RAR5 format, so please make sure your Winrar or other unpacking software is version recent enough to support it.

ultraex2005 says:

update my winrar to 5.31 edition its ok now !!!!!

thanks for the tip

Belgium skulstation says:

i have a timeout error.even if i run it as Administrator.
the previus Version did gave me the same timeout

Czech Republic havli says:

This error is related to CPU-Z.. it fails to provide HW & SW info in the given period of time (45s). Do you encounter this error at every launch or only sometimes?

Belgium skulstation says:

til now, it's every time i launch the same error

Czech Republic havli says:

Well, that's strange - from the screenshot I suppose you are running EVGA SR-2 and dual-xeon rig?
Anyway, the cpu-z detection should work on pretty much anything and in fact before launch I was testing it on various machines... including some dual socket as well (but not SR-2 or other dual 1366).

The key function that must work in order to get the benchmark running is this command:
cpuz_x32.exe -txt=hardware

So try to run it outside of the benchmark and see if the text file is generated or some error shows up. Also feel free to try different versions of cpu-z, unlike other benchmark files this is in fact not restricted and all versions are accepted (as long as they provide OS and timers info).

Belgium skulstation says:

Yes its a evga sr-2 whit 2 xeon x5687 cpu's.
If i stil have some past left i gone re asembel the sr-2 and test it whit the command.

edit : after a clean install of the os it works

Germany Digg_de says:

New Version detecting my i3-6320 as a i3-6100. Digg_de`s HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 1080p score: 17.21 fps with a Core i3 6100

Germany BastianW says:

Does this also use the GPU when calculating or only the CPU? There are some reports submitted here which shows very different results without having a CPU overclocked... So I assume this is due to a GPU which is used.

Czech Republic havli says:

No, only CPU is used. Different results are most likely because of different versions of the benchmark - v1.2 is much slower than v2.0 (and v2.1).

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