HWBOT Overclocker Leagues Updates: From Elite to Rookie, May 2017

Today we going to take a look at each of the HWBOT Leagues to see which overclockers are currently leading in each. Let’s kick off with a look at what’s happening at the top the game and the Elite League on HWBOT:

Elite League – Dancop (Germany) - It’s absolutely no surprise to see Dancop at the top of the Elite League at the moment. With a total of 3240.6 points that places him not only at the top of the Elite League rankings but also in the overall rankings too. In terms of World Records Dancop has Gold Cups in SuperPi 1M and Unigine Heaven Extreme with Silver Cups in 3DMark03 and Pifast, plus a five Global Hardware Gold Cups and several Silver Cups. In Hardware Points he has nine Gold Cups, six Silver and five Bronze Cups. He has also competed in recent OC-EPSORTS contests including some level-grade contests such as last year's G.SKILL OC World Cup 2016 Live Final. You can find all his achievements here on the Dancop Profile page.

Extreme League – $@39@ (Greece) - Just below the Elite we have the Extreme League with Greek overclocker $@39@ returning to form to power up the HWBOT rankings. He currently holds the World Record for 3DMark03 plus Global First Places in HWBOT Prime, 3DMark Time Spy, GPUPI 1B, wPrime 32M, wPrime 1024M and GPUPI for CPU 1B. Out of his twenty top Hardware Point submissions, eighteen of them are Gold Cups, the other two are Silver. He has also done very well in several Challenger Divisions contest on OC-ESPORTS including five contest wins. What can we say except wow! Find the $@39@ Profile page here.

Apprentice League – Menthol (US) - US overclocker Menthol tops the Apprentice League on HWBOT, a league for subzero overclockers that do not use either Cascade or LN2 cooling. Menthol’s work, mostly with chilled cooling, has earned him fourth place World Ranked scores in 3DMark Time Spy and Catzilla 1440p as well as a Global Silver Cup in 3DMark Time Spy. He also has a ton of Hardware Points from pretty much every Intel 'K' SKU processor going back as far as Sandy Bridge. On OC-ESPORTS his work for the Republic Of Gamers Team has seen him earn plenty of points including the current ROG Showdown Team Edition contest. Check out the Menthol Profile page here.

Enthusiast League – kimandsally (UK) - Flying the flag for UK overclocking we have kimandsally. The Enthusiast League involves submissions restricted to ambient cooling. Indeed when it comes to water cooled system, kimandsally know what they’re doing. This guys has a solid Global points haul due to his good work with the Intel XTU, 3DMark03, HWBOT Prime and several others. In Hardware Point terms he is doing very well with 4th Place Medals using Intel Core i5 6500, Core i5 6400 and Core i5 6100 processors. On OC-ESPORTS he has proved to be an able competitor in several contests including the HWBOT Team Cup and more recently, the GIGABYTE 2017 series contests. Find the kimandsally Profile page here.

Novice League – topyoyoguybest (US) - Novice overclockers are HWBOT members who have been with us for less than a year, but more than three months. US overclocker topyoyoguybest heads the league with some great Global Points in several benchmarks plus a good Hardware Points haul with a broad range of hardware being used since his arrival. His claim to fame however must be his recent wins in Rookie Rumble #40 and #41, plus his recent hard work for the /r/overclocking team in the ROG Showdown Team Edition contest. Check out the topyoyoguybest Profile page here.

Rookie League – JimJamJamin (UK) - Another r/overclocking team member currently heads the Rookie rankings with UK Overclocker JimJamJamin leading the way 599.3 points. The Rookie League is for Overclockers who have been with HWBOT for less than three months so we expect him to enter the Novice fray anytime soon. His Global points haul is solid with lots of good scores on a broad range of benchmarks. In terms of Hardware Points he’s also benching a lot of hardware for a Rookie overclocker. On OC-ESPORTS he has competed in several recent Rookie Rumble and Ryzen Rumble contests as well as making some solid scores in Challenger Divisions III and IV where he finished 8th and 14th respectively. The JimJamJamin Profile can be found here.

Congrats and kudos to Dancop, $@39@, Menthol, topyoyoguybest, kimandsally and JimJamJamin for your current status as number one in your respective HWBOT Leagues. You can find the overall rankings for HWBOT here, as well as access to each of the leagues.

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