HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals: Trophies Spotted

The HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals are just around the corner, in fact all eight overclockers are already in position in Berlin, chomping at the bit to get started on Sunday morning. In the mean time however, we can bring you a shot of the trophy that it is up for grabs – a trophy that will declare its owner to be the HWBOT World Champion of 2016.

For those of you who happen to live under a rock or perhaps have just come out a very long coma, the HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals is essentially the final chapter in the HWBOT World Tour 2016. At each of the six location visited on the World Tour, a World Series overclocking contest was held, an extreme contest where the world’s best got a chance to prove themselves. With plenty of LN2 on hand each World Tour stop followed a similar contest format – a qualification round, usually base around three benchmarks, followed Semi-Final 1v1 contest and a Final 1v1 contest. In all the 1v1 contests, a benchmark is drawn from a pool at random with each overclocker possessing one veto.

The same format will be used again on Sunday. One minor twist is that each overlocker will be using the same brand of memory and motherboard that he used to qualify for the contest (each World Tour stop was partnered with different motherboard and memory vendors). The platform of choice is of course the Intel Z170 platform, with Skylake Core i5 6600K processors provided and drawn at random at each stage of the contest. The winner of the contest will get his hands on the magnificent trophy shown on the left, as well as a Core i7 6950X processor.

Don’t forget that you can watch all the action from the World Championship 2016 Final on the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel here. You can also take part in the ‘Predict and Win’ contest on our Facebook page. Correctly predict the World Champion and you could win a Core i7 6950X for yourself.

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