Xtreme Addict Takes Unigine Heaven Extreme 1x GPU Global 1st Place

Yesterday World No.2 Xtreme Addict from Poland once again proved why he is such a feared and respected competitor in the upper echelons of the Overclocking scene. XA, as he is known in OC circles, used a Nvidia GTX 1080 to hit an all new Global 1st Place single GPU ranking score in Unigine Heaven Extreme. Hitting a massive 8,621.33 marks, XA jumps ahead of the previous best score held by Vivi by 10.52 points.

Xtreme Addict used a Skylake based rig with an i7 6700K pushed very nicely to 6,600MHz, a whopping +65% beyond the realms of stock settings. More importantly in the context of a 3D benchmark however he also punished his new Pascal GPU, pushing the clock speed by +52.46% to reach 2,450MHz with memory settings also pushed to an incredible 5,250MHz which is +110%. Other hardware details include the fact that the card used was a Galaxy HOF GTX 1080 and the fact that it was installed don an ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard.

The score will help XA’s mission to challenge current No.1 Dancop at the top of the world rankings, earning him 113.6 points for the single GPU ranking, plus 2 points for the GTX 1080 1st place ranking. At the moment Xtreme Addict sits just below Dancop in the HWBOT World Rankings with 2931.30 points while Dancop remains out in front with 3,317.20 points. Both players form a top two that are actually more than 500 points ahead of third placed Splave from the US. You can find the HWBOT League Rankings here.

In terms of the Official World Overclocking Rankings on OC-ESPORTS which revolves around the concept of 2016 season, we actually see the same three guys with Dancop again ahead of the pack with 854 points, Splave on 499 and Xtreme Addict 458 points. Check out the 2016 Season table here on OC-ESPORTS.

You can find the new Heaven Extreme submission from XA here, as well as the current 1x GPU rankings here.

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