Dhenzjhen and Strong Island Enjoy HWBOT Prime 2x CPU Battle Royale

Dhenzjhen is an Elite overclocker based in the Philippines who works in the hardware industry and can more often than not be found tinkering with high-end servers like the 56 core E7-8855 v4 sever rig he was having fun with earlier this month. Recently however, we also find dhenzjhen having a good time at the other end of the hardware spectrum, pushing a Core i3 6100 chip. In fact, just last week we cast our gaze on a 2x CPU battle between dhenzjhen and orion24, with the Global 1st Place for GPUPI for CPU 1B going back and forth as part of the Challenger Division III contest. Today, we want to highlight the battle that is emerging between Strong Island and dhenzjhen involving the 2x CPU 1st place ranking for HWBOT Prime.

Towards the backend of last week US Extreme overclocker Strong Island claimed the Global 1st Place 2x CPU ranking for HWBOT Prime using a Skylake Intel Core i3 6100 pushed to 6,441.6MHz (+74.10%) with his Samsung B-Die DDR4 modules clocked at 1,856MHz (CL15 15-15-28 1T). A new 2x CPU highest score of 5850.81 pps was established.

The Philippine No.1 was not to be out done however, responding with a fine score submission of 5856.71 pps, 5.9 points higher. Interestingly, dhenzjhen submitted the score armed with an i3 6100 clocked at 6,440MHz (+74.05%), indicating some very good efficiency tweaking going on. America’s highest ranked Extreme league overclocker quickly hit back with a score that pushed the record a further 16.6 points higher with a submission of 5873.31 pps. It looks like Strong Island managed to squeeze a touch more performance from i3 6100, hitting an overclock of 6,500MHz, an impressive +75.68% beyond stock settings.

Check out the scores in the links below:

  • Strong Island: 5850.81 pps
  • dhenzjhen: 5856.71 pps
  • Strong Island: 5873.31 pps
  • We know from experience that neither of these guys are fond of giving up in a battle situation so watch this space. Things could get very interesting.

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