Dhenzjhen Takes Back GPUPI for CPU 1B 2x CPU Global 1st Place From Orion24

Last week we noted how relative newcomer orion24 had shown some classy OC skills in taking down the dual-core Global 1st Place ranking for CPUPI for CPU 1B, a submission that also placed him at the summit of Challenger Division III. This week however the tables have turned as veteran overclocker dhenzjhen has made an emphatic retort with a run of just 8min 8sec 566ms - a new Global 1st place ranking.

The new record from dhenzjhen is exactly 504 milliseconds faster than the best effort from Frenchman orion24 who completed his run in 8min 9sec and 70ms. Both overclockers used a dual-core Skylake i3 6100 chip, in the case of dhenzjhen, pushed to a nice 6,395MHz which is +72.84% beyond stock settings.

Dhenzjhen is the current No.1 overclocker in the Overclock.net team (a team with 3,356 members) and also the No.1 in his native Philippines. The new Global 1st place ranking earns him 88 points for the 2x CPU ranking, plus an additional 4 points for the i3 6100 ranking.

We can hope for a response from orion24 whu did mention the possibility of a re-bench in the comments, and with thirteen days left on the clock of Challenger Division III Round 2, there’s plenty of motive to reclaim top spot. CPUPI for CPU 1B is the benchmark in Stage 5 of the Round 2 where overclockers are limited to any i3 or Pentium using Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell or Skylake processors. Dhenzjhen and orion24 occupy the top two spaces with Japan’s ikki in third place on 8min 9sec 173ms. It will be interesting to see if orion24 can reclaim top spot - we watch with interest.

You can find the submission from dhenzjhen, as well as the leaderboard and scores for Challenger Division III, Round 2 Stage 5 here.

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