Cinebench R15 8x Global 1st Place Fight Resumes: The Overclocking Knights Conquer Xtreme Addict

Just under a month ago there was an epic OC tug’o war between the Overclocking Knights, dancop and der8auer over the Cinebench R15 benchmark and the 8x CPU Global 1st Place. In the space of just one hour we saw the Global 1st Place change hands no less than five times, largely because The Overclocking Knights flat out refused to relinquish the title.

During that day on May 10th 2016 we saw the 8x CPU Global 1st Place record score move from 2415 cb to 2426 cb, a submission that remained until World No.1 Xtreme Addict decided to get involved yesterday. Having just won the HWBOT World Series Asia contest, Polish legend XA remains in attendance in Taipei and has found a decent spot to get down to some serious benching. His Cinebench R15 submission of 2430 cb was submitted yesterday using an octa-core i7 5960X clocked at a pretty incredible 5,985MHz (+99.50%).

Within moments however, The Overclocking Knights showed that their back up game is solid, responding with a narrowly improved score of 2431 cb using an i7 5960X pushed to 6,015MHz (+100.50%). Ouch. Just one point better.

Xtreme Addict was unperturbed however, making an immediate response with his own backup score submission of 2437 cb almost certainly from the same rig and OC session. Incredibly enough however The Overclocking Knights had yet more juice up their sleeve replying with a wholly superior score of 2445 cb thanks to a 5960X clocked at 6,044MHz (+101.47%). Epic stuff!

Here are the submissions for your own perusal:

At the end of the day it wasn’t all bad news for Xtreme Addict who did manage to break the 8x Global 1st Place record for Cinebench R11.5 with a score of 26.68 points.

All hail The Overclocking Knights!

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