Cinebench R15 Global First Place Switches Hands Five Times in One Hour

Some days are more special than others, prompting a footnote in a history book somewhere in time. One of those days happened on Tuesday of this week when we saw the Cinebench R15 global first place switch hands no less than five times in the space of just one hour. The key protagonists were the Overlocking Knights, Dancop and der8auer…the story goes a like this.

The Overclocking Knights made a submission using an LN2 cooled Core i7 5960X 'Haswell-E' clocked at a massive 5,965MHz, a clock speed which is +98.83% beyond the flagship’s CPU stock settings. The resulting score in Cinebench R15 was 2,415 points. A new global first place for a single octa-core processor, beating the previous best from steponz who managed 2,410 points a month or so ago.

Whatever thrill the Overclocking Knights were feeling was short lived however as World No.1 Dancop from Germany marched in and stole the Knights thunder with a score of 2,419 points using an i7 5960X chip clocked at 6,027.99MHz, an even more impressive +100.93% beyond retail configuration.

The Knights were not to be beaten however, more than matching the might of the German master with a retort that made 2,420 points with a 5960X pushed slightly beyond their previous best at 5,980MHz (+99.33%). The Overclocking Knights had regained their honor.

It is at this moment that another German hero enters the fray with deutsch legend der8auer and a score of 2424, completely obliterating the opposition with a 5960X tuned to perfection including a clock of 6,000MHz (+100.00%). The Knights of Overclocking we not to be beaten however and responded with a score of 2,426 with a chip also at 6GHz.

Here are the submissions for your own perusal:

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