One Week Left to Vote for Your Representatives in the Community Competition Task Force

With this small news post we want to inform you that there's only one week left to vote for your representative in the Community Competition Task Force ("CCTF"). The CCTF is a group of community members who, under the supervision of the senior moderator staff, volunteer to help manage the community competitions from inception to moderation and announcing the results. The CCTF allows the community to host overclocking competitions for the community.

Of the twelve members, five will join the Task Force after closing. At the moment of writing, it's a fairly close race with 4 candidates between 30 and 38% of the votes. ObscureParadox from the United Kingdom is currently leading the poll with 45% of the voters supporting his candidacy.

If you want to get to know the candidates, feel free to have a look in the CCTF forum thread. Newlife, xxbassplayerxx, ObscureParadox, and Saint19 introduced themselves to the rest of the community, detailing their background and inspiration. You can cast your vote in this forum thread.

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