ChentinoX Teaches Overclocking in GIGABYTE OC School at Araba Encounter 2

On October 10, 2015, overclockers from Spain could sign up for an overclocking class at the GIGABYTE OC School hosted at the Araba Encounter #2. The event is part of the Euskal Encounters in the Basque region. We previously highlighted the overclocking school at Euskal Encounter #23 and Euskal Encounter #22.

From 4PM until 10.30PM, the Spanish amateur overclockers learned about overclocking. First of course the theoretical part with plenty of information on settings, voltages, temperatures, and HWBOT (of course!). Then followed by a small overclocking session led by the teacher. The session finished with the obligatory overclocking competition. For more information, check out the after-movie on Youtube!

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