ChentinoX Teaches Overclocking at EUSKAL Encounter 23 during GIGABYTE OC School

During the EUSKAL Encounter 23 lan party in Bilbao, Spain, hosted in the weekend of July 25 ChentinoX was the main teacher at the GIGABYTE OC School. The lan party has serious attendence with 6000 people rocking away with their notebook, desktops, and other electronics equipment. During the OC School participants learned about everything related to overclocking, going from how to insulate to how to participate in competitions.

The OC Show (soon to appear in a news post) also covered the event briefly, but perhaps pictures and video tell a better story. ChentinoX has uploaded a nice set of videos to his YouTube account under the GIGABYTE OC SCHOOL EUSKAL ENCOUNTER 23 playlist. There's also a bunch of pictures uploaded to a Microsoft OneDrive account.

It's very nice to see this kind of local initiatives to teach new people about overclocking. The event looks like a prime candidate for next year's World Tour series!

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