Splave First American Overclocker Since K|ngp|n in 2009 to Break PiFast World Record

The early adopters and industry backed overclockers have shown us, mortals, what Skylake is capable of when overclocked as high as possible. Launch day was packed with World Records and Global First Places. Some of the results published on August 5th have been beaten, but PiFast stood strong. Until Splave happened.

Remarkably, Splave is the first American PiFast World Record holder since K|ngp|n in 2009. On May 27 2009, K|ngp|n achieved 14.05 seconds with the Core 2 E8600, only to be beaten by F.O.G.N.A from Italy a couple of months later. Let's hope Splave's record will stand longer, although it certainly has attracted attention now.

For the World Record, Splave uses a liquid nitrogen cooled Core i7 6700K mounted on a Z170 OC Formula motherboard. He uses a kit of HyperX Predator DDR4 memory clocked at DDR4-3660 with Cas Latency 12. For more information, check out the submission page.