Upcoming Core i7 4790K Devil's Canyon To Cost USD $363, Unlocked Pentium Anniversary Edition Only USD $78

Via AnandTech and sourced by LegitReviews, Chinese VR-Zone we now know the pricing for the upcoming Intel Devil's Canyon and unlocked Pentium CPUs. For those who don't know yet (which I find hard to believe), the Devil's Canyon includes two revised Haswell processors optimized for overclocking. The top model comes at a stock frequency of 4GHz and a turbo boost of 4.4GHz which in itself is already fairly impressive.

  • Core i5 4690K: USD $255, 3.5/3.9GHz
  • Core i7 4790K: USD $365, 4.0/4.4GHz

A lot of the enthusiasts are looking forward to the upcoming Pentium Anniversary Edition, a specially unlocked low-budget processor released to celebrate 20 years of Pentium branding. The rumors on the Taipei streets are that this processor will easily overclock 800-1000 MHz on air cooling and it's not unthinkable to see 5GHz and higher. For a dual core without hyper-threading that would be an incredible performance boost.

As a side-note I would like to point out that the overclocking adventures of the Celeron 300A - the legendary chip! - is still strongly present in the minds at Intel. Several people raise questions concerning the popularity of an unlocked Pentium processor and there are indications that if the processor does too well and eats up part of the Core i3 or even K-series line-up, we might only see one version of the unlocked low-budget processor. Based on our own research, we of course hope that the Pentium AE recaptures the interest of the large group of budget-minded overclockers in a similar way the Pentium E2160 did. From what we gather based on HWBOT data, a low-budget overclocking alternative does not affect the popularity of upper mainstream and high-end product line-ups. In other words: we will love the 8-core Haswell-E as much as we will love the unlocked Pentium. Bring it on!


Belgium Massman says:

Whoah, USD $78 is very interesting pricing!

Germany Moose83 says:

Thats damn cheap for dualie :D Bring it on Intel :banana:

Sweden Calathea says:

XTU/Cinebench/Prime slaughter incoming :D

South Africa Vivi says:

78$ DOLLAR! so niiiice

TaPaKaH says:

I can see people binning these in hundreds already :D

South Africa Vivi says:

Sam OCX said: I can see people binning these in hundreds already :D


South Africa QuantumX says:

I wonder how Pentium @ 6GHz will do vs i3 @ 4GHz for cinebench/xtu seeing it does not have HT

Romania suzuki says:

I can see already 10 for the office pc's :D

Sweden Calathea says:

QuantumX said: I wonder how Pentium @ 6GHz will do vs i3 @ 4GHz for cinebench/xtu seeing it does not have HT

Haswell sees a massive boost compared to older gens in both Cinebench and XTU. I think it will do fine considering how high Core 2 Duo @ 6 Ghz perform in CB/prime. Cinebench w/o HT can be close compared to i3-4360 though.

ultraex2005 says:

i neeed this pentium now.............

TaPaKaH says:

$78, eh? :D

United States Random says:

finally a unlocked budget intel. I wonder if it will be hitting 7 or 8 ghz with LN2 :D

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