7.8GHz AMD LN2 Overclocking at GIGABYTE Extreme OC Workshop (by Deanzo)

On the weekend of the 25th and 26th of November 2011 saw the second extreme overclocking workshop in Australia for the year. This time around, GIGABYTE had joined forces with Corsair, AMD and Umart Online to bring us and our crazy cooling to Brisbane, Australia.

The format is easy - give Australian computer enthusiasts an opportunity to try their hand at extreme overclocking with liquid nitrogen. Applications were taken online at top enthusiast websites within Australia, 16 names were picked at random and they were divided in to four groups and mentored by a member of TeamAU. TeamAU is a group of Australian and New Zealand computer enthusiasts that have taken overclocking to a whole different level. It's where temperatures of -180 degrees Celsius, crazy voltage modifications and the need for multiple power supplies are common place.

The members in attendance were Dinos22 (Dino), Youngpro (James), SniperOz (Carl) and myself Deanzo (Dean). Those who were not lucky enough to make it into the top 16 had the opportunity to come along as a spectator.

It was a very hands-on workshop. The participants were the ones that changed BIOS settings, poured liquid nitrogen and where needed controlled the temperature on the CPU and the video card, as well as keeping a constant supply of liquid nitrogen at the tables from the big 180lter dewers. And it was all done in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Belgium Massman sagt:

Cool video! Nice how-to start overclocking with BD :)

United States sin0822 sagt:

yup excellent platform to start OCing on, perhaps llano woudl be excellent as well. BRAVO! TeamAU for bringing LN2 to everyone!!! I wish people did this in the US.

Canada Vinster sagt:

Great video... can really use those prepping techniques with any platform.. I love it and thank you for sharing.

Brazil easegantini sagt:

You had the time, the preparation and good hardware to get that score. Last saturday, I got 7709mhz, just 75mhz less than Deanzo with Gigabyte UD3... in a rush process to beat other 9 overclockers at the final of Brazilian Overclocking Championship. I wonder with I had the preparation and a better POT to improve my frequency. I had no time to save .cvf file, just a print screen of CPU-Z... P.S. I used only 1.84v to get almost 7710mhz on FX-8150. Brazil will be bigger at overclocking some day. King regards.

Germany Blackbolt sagt:

Nice Video,cool Ram Timing 2-16-2-22 @ 926MHz;)

Brazil Rbuass sagt:

Ram bugged...the same here
Deanzo is a great OCCker EASEGANTINI...

Australia Dinos22 sagt:

these scores were done by guys overclocking the rigs, first time LN2 users and a lot of them fairly new to OC too. They did amazing, 3 out of 4 rigs were benching 3DMARK05 over 7GHz too EEEK. One setup hit 7.3GHz 3D. All the CPUs were untested and sent from AMD Australia from their media testing samples. Really cool to see guys applying the knowledge we gave them. They also realised going subzero as not as daunting as it seems. This is what we were hoping they would take away from the workshop :)

Germany SoF sagt:

Awesome workshop!

Still easier to get ppl filling the pot, running high MHZ but having no idea about the "true performance"....our hobby is priceless :D

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