LexOCClub: Test EVGA SR-2 @ LN 2

Nice video of Lex preparing the SR-2 for a bit of LN2 action.


United States steponz says:

Cool Video... Lots of prep on the sr2.... lots of fun when running...

Austria Turrican says:

great video. there was a lot of thermal compound to be used on this board. :D

United States steponz says:

THats an understatement... lol...

THe board is sooooo much fun though.. I had power issues... just got a new board back from rma... Ill post some cool stuff up soon enough.... Too bad we probably won't see another revision of this board in the future... so much fun....

Not sure why they didn't tighten down the F1ee's.... probably would have gotten them a better score...

United States trans am says:

im sorry but the heaviness of that board doesnt match the music in the vid at all. i felt like I was going to an iron maiden concert wearing an Enya Tshirt. yeah its rad and I love enya and maiden both but cmon man at least some AC/DC. EVGA is already pissed off enough as it is with the dishonest RMA's. Dont piss them off with that music selection or they are going to stop making boards altogether.. Youre telling me you have that ripping setup and all you could come up with for the vid music track was that horse crap?

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